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Last update: September 14th, 2005


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10 April 2013
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20 January 2006

After a long hibernation, Canadian Idol fever starts to rev up again. On Wednesday, January 18 edition of eTalk Daily, CTV announced the 11 audition cities for this year's Canadian Idol competition.

Edmonton, AB (Feb. 18-19)
Vancouver, BC (Feb. 25-26)
Regina, SK (Mar. 4-5)
Winnipeg, MB (Mar. 11-12)
Montreal, QC (Mar. 17-18)
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON (Mar. 25-26)
Halifax, NS (Apr. 8-9)
Ottawa, ON (Apr.22-23)
St. John's, NL (Apr.18)
Toronto, ON (Apr. 28-30)
Yellowknife, NWT (TBA)

More information will become available in the next few weeks. What we do know: Ben Mulroney will return as the host for this season, the age limit has been raised to 28 (as of February 1st, 2006), you can arrive anytime between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, and the auditions will (mostly) be held on weekends and in easily accessible locations. There's nothing to stop you from trying out this year!

14 September 2005

Tonight's show started out with a choir singing a capella You Can't Always Get What You Want and doing a very good job, but then the Top-10 enters... the band starts playing and Josh takes over. Next Daryl takes over with Ruby Tuesday, Emily and Ashley sing To Sir with Love and Amber and Casey perform Imagine. Melissa and Rex take over from them with Somebody to Love and Aaron and Suzi sing Can't get no Satisfaction. Then the whole group comes back to You Can't Always Get What You Want. What a way to start this episode! Break time!

After the commercial break, we're re-introduced to the "King of the Rock" Rex Goudie. We switch over live to Corner Brook, Nfld. and see tons and tons of enthusiastic people, and my personal favourite ATV personality MairiAnna Bachynsky. MairaAnna informs us that tickets were sold out in about an hour and we see Rex' best friend Erin who has some nice words for him.

Next up is a video segment with the Top-2 being coached by the Barenaked Ladies. Jon Dore, who is in the audience, gets the honour of announcing the next song (with some mustard on it, per Ben's request)... the Barenaked Ladies. BNL perform their hit single "One Week". After the song Ben and BNL members chat a bit. BNL reveals their next project is a tribute to the unknown singer Ben Mulroney. Their advice for Rex and Melissa? It's not too late to back out now...    time for another commercial break.

After the break we get the same treatment Rex had but for the other competitor left standing, "Free Spirit of the West" Melissa O'Neil. We switch live to Calgary but despite the camera tricks there aren't as many people there as in Corner Brook. Melissa's mother, Alison Yueng has some nice words for her. Her father is as always very much present in the audience.

Next up is some footage of the "High Notes" Canadian Idol 3 compilation CD release party in Fairview Mall. This is an introduction to the eliminated members of the Top-10 who will sing part of their song that is on the CD. Emily starts out, then Ashley, then Amber. The singing goes pretty well except for Daryl who seems to have trouble with his voice. Josh and Casey are next. The ones who were done remained on the stage and suddenly everyone starts running and jumping around, which can mean only one thing: Suzi Rawn hits the stage! Finally Aaron, eliminated last week, sings his song.

Next up is Sass who talks about the auditioning process and the competition, what it feels like from the performers' point of view.

On behalf of all the Judges, Sass takes to the stage in a tribute to the auditioners. Sass sings Stevie Wonder's "All In Love is Fair". Sass is doing a good job emoting the song and is really putting her heart into the performance. Too bad her collegues (who in a quick audience shot appeared to be missing!?) didn't have time to give her some of their thoughts (they wouldn't dare to say anything bad anyway).

Next up is a segment on American Idol (4 seasons) and Canadian Idol (2 seasons) vocal coach Debra Byrd, affectionately known as just Byrd. For the first time ever on any of these Idol shows, Byrd takes to the stage to show her abilities. Byrd performs Dionne Warwick's I'll Never Love This Way Again as a tribute to her students. Byrd has a great voice and is pulling off a stunning performance. At the end Byrd lets loose and redefines vocal control. When she's done we see Farley getting down on one knee, taking off his hat, and then giving a big hug. The Top-10 also floods on the stage and Byrd is having an emotional moment. Little did she know what was in store for her. Aaron said that on behalf of the whole Top-10, they'd like to thank her in the only way they know how. The Top-10 sing to her, the very appropriate Dedicated To The One That I Love (first recorded in 1958 by The 5 Royales, better known is The Shirelles' re-release in 1963, also covered by The Mamas and The Papas in 1967). Debra Byrd is absolutely amazed and is loving it. It's sad that on the 4 years of American Idol no one ever thought of doing this.

After the break, Kalan Porter took to the stage with his band. Wow, what can someone change in a year. I hardly recognize him. He seems taller, his hair longer, his voice changed, and he dresses a bit 'girly'. Kalan performs In Spite of It All from his album 219 Days. After the performance Kalan reveals his sophomore album is out in spring, and Ben presents him with the double platinum award for his debut CD. His advice for Rex and Melissa? "Run...".

After that, Kalan agrees to sing another song: The Devil Went Down To Georgia and Kalan plays the violin. Wow, what a great song and he's doing an excellent job on both the fiddling and the singing. Then Rex joins in and so does Melissa. It turns into a duet between the two of them, with Kalan doing the violin parts. Rex changes the word a bit to fit the occasion and the audience is very impressed with this performance.

After the break we see a segment with some of the Top-10's parents. We see Rex' mom, Aaron's dad, Amber's mom, Daryl's dad, Aaron's mom, Melissa's mom, Rex' dad, Josh's dad, Josh's mom, Melissa's dad, Suzi's dad, Emily's mom, Ashley's mom and Casey's mom. Melissa announces that the next song will be dedicated to the friends and family who support them behind the stage. The Idols sing what appears to be Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day, but there's something from with the microphones. Ashley's mic didn't work and neither did Emily's. Josh's mic worked after a while and near the end they all appeared to be working.

During the commercial break we learn that INVASION will finally start next Wednesday, since Canadian Idol is over you should have enough time to watch this new show.

A quick view at what's going on in Calgary, the judges' "tribute tape" and Melissa's own "tribute tape" (that's normally used when a competitor has been eliminated) and we get to Melissa singing her own favourite song of the competition. It turns out to be the Big Band song, Cole Porter's It's Delovely (sung by Ella Fitzgerald). As usual, it's another great performance by Melissa and she picked a great song from her repertoire.

After the break, Rex gets the same treatment. His pick is also the Big Band song, Feeling Good in the Michael Bublé version. Again and as always, Rex is doing a great job.

After the break, we have yet another look back (c'mon, this is one too many) at the journeys of Rex and Melissa in Canadian Idol. Next Melissa and Rex perform an excellent duet, Phil Collins' Against All Odds. Wow. This is absolutely a terrific performance and the best of the night. The 'acting' and singing is flawless, save for one small mistake by Rex when he didn't hold the mic up fast enough. That aside, I think they should put this track on the next Canadian Idol single as a Bonus Track. At the end, Rex kissed Melissa's hand, they kissed each other on the cheek and gave a big hug. Casey was crying in the audience.

After the commercial break, the judges give some parting words; Jake thanks the 1,100 people who work on the show and Ben in particular.

Ben announces over 3.6 million votes were cast (3.65 million actually) and that it was the closest vote in Canadian Idol history.

Before the result is made public, Rex wants to show his "true colours" and slips in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, number 29 "GOUDIE".

Then Ben gets down to what we've all been waiting for: Canada voted... and the name of the next Canadian Idol... is Melissa O'Neil!!!

Melissa is going wild when Ben asks her about her feelings. She must be so happy, relieved, excited, sad for Rex, proud of her achievements, all at the same time. To celebrate, Melissa sings us out with the Canadian Idol single Alive, which will be digitally distributed to radio stations starting at 1:00 am ET tomorrow (Thursday), so you should be able to hear it when you wake up.

When the last song of this season is sung, we see an emotional end to this season's Canadian Idol show with the Top-10, the Judges, Ben, Jon and Melissa's dad.

14 September 2005

We'll have a full report later, for the ones who can't wait head on over to the official CTV , here.

14 September 2005

The final performance show review is now up, read it here. Older reviews are here.
The review has been done by The Substitute as our Ravin' Reviewer wasn't available. We briefly talked to Ravin' and she said Melissa should win the title, but Rex probably will.

8 September 2005

CTV released this year's vote tally: 33,817,561 votes have been received so far, up by 21% compared to last year. With the final next week, this season's vote total is going to be absolutely amazing!

8 September 2005

As we're getting to the end, getting voted off at this stage becomes less and less of a
Canadian Idol Top-3 Finalist Aaron Walpole
Suzi Rawn       Photo: CTV Media
problem, as tonight's special guests Jacob Hoggard and his band Hedley clearly demonstrate.

The Top-3 started out with a couple of Barenaked Ladies songs: Pinch Me and It’s All Been Done.

Jacob and his band performed the hit single "On My Own", from their brand new debut CD "Hedley".

Ben got down to business. Again no Bottom-2, just an elimination. Unfortunately for Aaron and his fans, he was the one that received the least amount of votes. Aaron sang us out with the Barenaked Ladies’ Break Your Heart.


6 September 2005
Again we had to call on The Substitute to write tonight's review, you can read it here. For older reviews, click here.

6 September 2005
Tickets for Canadian Idol's Grand Finale shows go on sale this Friday, Sept. 9 at 12 noon ET at Ticketmaster.

31 August 2005

Top-3 Results Show (Sept. 7)
Season Two Top Three finalist Jacob Hoggard makes his long-awaited return to the Canadian Idol stage with his band Hedley. The group will perform their new single “On My Own,” which recently entered Nielsen’s SoundScan Singles Chart at Number One. Hedley’s self-titled debut CD is being released today by Universal Music Canada.

Top 2 Performance Show (Sept. 13) [90 minutes!]
Season Two runner-up Theresa Sokyrka will make a special guest appearance and performs a song from her debut CD These Old Charms.

Finale - Results Show (Sept. 14) [2 hours!]
The Barenaked Ladies will perform their hit song “One Week”.
In addition to the Barenaked Ladies, 2004 Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter will perform with this band. The finale will also feature the return of the 2005 Canadian Idol Top 10 who will also perform in the celebration leading up to the crowning of the next Idol champion.

31 August 2005

Another Results Show ended, and another competitor was eliminated form the show. This
Canadian Idol Top-4 Finalist Suzi Rawn
Suzi Rawn       Photo: CTV Media
time around Suzi didn't impress the 2.54 million Canadian viewers enough to make it through to next week's round. A record 3.6 million votes were cast (the same amount as in last year's finale episode!)

The opening number was a medley of Elvis songs: A Mess O’ The Blues and Are You Lonesome Tonight?

There wasn't going to be a Bottom-2 this time around; there were just 4 competitors left. Ben announced Suzi was the one eliminated.

Rawn ended the show with a reprise one of her performances from last night, Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel.


31 August 2005

Read the Ravin' Reviewer's report here. For older reviews, click here. Drop by the official Canadian Idol forum and discuss tonight's performances!

30 August 2005

Last Friday night, the Top-4 flew to Memphis via private jet. According to a CTV press release, the Idols spent a full day touring Presley’s Graceland mansion, one of the most sacred shrines in music. Among the tour highlights: the music room, the TV room (with its three old-school television sets), the billiard room, the jungle room (with its indoor waterfall), an awe-inspiring visit to the trophy room that showcases Elvis’ countless gold and platinum records, and The King’s final resting place in the meditation garden. The finalists also stopped in at the famous Sun Studio where Elvis recorded his first single at the age of 18 and visited the Gibson Guitar factory. Footage will be shown on tonight's show. Speaking of which: the Top-4 will sing two songs each from Elvis Presley’s huge repertoire. Song choices have also been revealed: Love Me Tender, Blue Suede Shoes, A Little Less Conversation, Heartbreak Hotel, If I Can Dream, You'll Never Walk Alone, Can't Help Falling in Love and (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.


24 August 2005

Tonight Casey's Canadian Idol dream ended in tears. As always, the Top-5 had a chance
Canadian Idol Top-5 Finalist Casey LeBlanc
Casey LeBlanc       Photo: CTV Media
to have some fun on stage first. The Canadian Idol rock band was back as well and together they performed a medley of No Time Left For You, Albert Flasher and Stand Tall (all by Burton Cummings and The Guess Who, of course). Yesterday's episode attracted 2.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Since there are only 5 competitors left standing, we'll only get to see a Bottom-2. Tonight a season-high 3.4 million votes were cast. The Bottom-2 were Suzi Rawn and Casey LeBlanc. Ben announced Suzi was safe, and Casey was going home. Casey sang us home as well, with a reprise of Burton Cumming’s Timeless Love.


24 August 2005

We'll have a full report later tonight. If you haven't seen the show yet (what are you doing here?!) and can't wait, visit the official to find out more.

23 August 2005

The Ravin' Reviewer shed her light on tonight's Guess Who tribute episode. You can read it clicking here (for older reviews: click here)

23 August 2005

The highly anticipated "High Notes" Canadian Idol Season 3 compilation CD finally hit
Canadian Idol Compilation CD High Notes
High Notes Cover Art   Photo: CTV Media
stores today. It features a track performed by each Top-10 finalist. Unfortunately, there is no group performance. Here's the track listing:
01. After The Rain - Rex Goudie
02. Colours Of The Wind - Ashley Leitao
03. I Can't Make You Love Me - Amber Fleury
04. Bring It On Home To Me - Casey Leblanc
05. Fortunate Son - Suzi Rawn
06. Concrete Angel - Melissa O'Neil
07. Don't Cry Out Loud - Emily Vinette
08. Fooled Around And Fell In Love - Josh Palmer
09. Drift Away - Aaron Walpole
10. When You Believe - Daryl Brunt
The CD is distributed by Sony BMG Music Canada.
Run out to your favourite local record store and get it or order it online here. You can browse other Idol-related albums here.

19 August 2005

Friday August 26 is Canadian Idol Day in Toronto because you don't get one but two chances to see the Idols! The Canadian Idol Top-10 will be at an autograph session and will perform at Fairview Mall beginning at 12:00pm (noon). The event will be held at Fairview Center Court.
Here's a special message to the real fans: The first 300 people to enter Fairview through the Lower Level, East Entrance (facing the 404) on August 26th will receive a wristband guaranteeing an autograph from the 10 Canadian Idol finalists. Doors open at 7:00am.
Later on Friday, the Canadian Idol Top-4 will perform at a free concert (with the price of admission) at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE / The Ex / Toronto Exhibition). The Top-4 will hit the beginning at 4:00pm.
For more information on and how to get tickets, click here.
For more information about the Fairview Mall, click here.

19 August 2005

Today CTV announced the themes and guests that will lead us up to the grand finale.
Aug. 23/24:
Tribute to Burton Cummings and The Guess Who
The Canadian Idol Top-5 pay tribute to Canada's greatest rock and roll band ever, The Guess Who. The songbook features classics from Burton Cummings and The Guess Who including American Woman, These Eyes, No Sugar Tonight, Timeless Love and My Own Way to Rock.
Aug. 30/31: The Music of Elvis Presley
The Canadian Idol Top-4 travel to Graceland to visit one of the most sacred shrines in music in preparation for the Elvis homage. While in Memphis, the Final Four will also rehearse and workshop at the legendary Sun Studio, the birthplace of Rock and Roll. On Tuesday, they perform two songs each by The King. On Wednesday's Results Show (Aug. 31), Canadian Idol runner-up Theresa Sokyrka makes a special guest appearance and performs a song from her Gold-selling debut CD These Old Charms.
Sept. 6/7: Salute to the Barenaked Ladies
With sales of over 10 million CDs around the world, Barenaked Ladies are true Canadian idols. Now, after work-shopping with the Juno-winning and Grammy -nominated quintet, the Top-3 perform two songs each from BNL's extensive songbook. On Wednesday's Results Show (Sept. 7), Season Two Top Three finalist Jacob Hoggard and his band Hedley perform their new single On My Own, which recently entered Nielsen's SoundScan Singles Chart at Number One. Hedley's debut CD Hedley is released Sept. 6.
Sept. 13/14: Grand Finale (Judges' Choice)
In the first half of Canadian Idol's two-part grand finale, the Top-2 have one last chance to sing their case to the nation. Each finalist will sing their version of the new Canadian Idol single (to be released Sept. 15) as well as two other songs (traditionally hand-picked by the Canadian Idol judges). Later that night, Canadians vote for the next Canadian Idol. On Wednesday's live Grand Finale (Sept. 14), the Canadian Idol Top-10 return to the stage for two hours of celebration leading up to the big moment. Last year's champion Kalan Porter, whose debut album 219 Days sold double platinum, takes a break from his non-stop touring schedule to perform once again on the Canadian Idol stage.

17 August 2005

Ratings are up, voting is up, the music is great, but there's one downside... as usual one
Canadian Idol Top-6 Finalist Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer             Photo: CTV Media
competitor must be eliminated. The group number is great, a classic rock medley: All Right Now (Free), Magic Man (Heart), Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane) and All Day and All of the Night (The Kinks).
After some comic relief by Jon Dore, things are getting kinda weird. Guess who was in the Bottom-3? Suzi! Suzi?! Suzi. And Rex! Rex?! Rex. And finally Josh! Josh?! Josh. So there you have it. Everyone has tasted the Bottom-3 now. Rex is the first one sent back to the couches, so it's between Suzi and Josh... and Josh is the one receiving the least amount of votes.
He's taking it well and after the usual wave-off performs that magnificent rock song Layla again... and he's doing a better job than yesterday! All the
judges are standing. Is that Jake feeling around his pockets for a pen to sign Josh up?
Next week the remaining 5 will pay tribute to Canadian band The Guess Who.

17 August 2005
Last night's episode, Classic Rock, caused two season records to be broken: 2.3 viewers tuned in and a whopping 3.35 million votes were cast, announced CTV today. Last year's final was decided over 3.6 million votes...

17 August 2005
If you haven't seen tonight's Results Show yet, make sure you do! For those who have seen it or those who can't wait (shame!), discuss it on the official Canadian Idol forums. We'll have the news later tonight.

16 August 2005
Our regular "Ravin' Reviewer" is on special assignment in connection with Big Brother 6, so "The Substitute" is share his views here.

11 August 2005

Today Sony BMG Music (Canada) Inc. announced this season's Canadian Idol compilation
Canadian Idol Compilation CD High Notes
High Notes Cover Art   Photo: CTV Media
CD, dubbed "High Notes". It features a track performed by each Top-10 finalist on the hit CTV series and will be released in stores across Canada on August 23, 2005. Here's the track listing:
- Daryl Brunt - When You Believe
- Amber Fleury - I Can't Make You Love Me
- Rex Goudie - After The Rain
- Casey LeBlanc - Bring It On Home To Me
- Ashley Leitao - Colours Of The Wind
- Melissa O'Neil - Concrete Angel
- Josh Palmer - Fooled Around And Fell In Love
- Suzi Rawn - Fortunate Son
- Emily Vinette - Don't Cry Out Loud
- Aaron Walpole - Drift Away
To celebrate the release of the ten-track CD, fans will have a chance to meet the Canadian Idol Top 10 at an autograph session at Toronto's Fairview Mall Music World location on August 26, 2005 (details to be announced soon).
You can pre-order "High Notes" at Amazon by clicking here.

10 August 2005

Tonight's results show -after the usual introductions- really got underway with the group
Canadian Idol Top-7 Finalist Daryl Brunt
Daryl Brunt              Photo: CTV Media
performance, a nice surprise was to see the Big Band, also known as the Canadian Idol Orchestra (led by Canadian Idol musical director Orin Isaacs) back on stage. Rex started out with Fly Me to the Moon, the others soon followed/joined in with The Best is Yet to Come, Come Rain or Come Shine, Someone to Watch Over Me, and in a salute to the residents of London, England: White Cliffs of Dover. Perhaps the salute has something to do with the recent string of attacks there. After the fun it was time for business: 3.1 million votes were cast, but for one of the Idols it wasn't enough. Tonight's Bottom-3 were: Daryl Brunt, Casey LeBlanc and Aaron Walpole. A teary-eyed Casey was the one sent back to the couches, leaving
Daryl and Aaron standing. In the end, it was Daryl who received the lowest amount of votes and hence is eliminated from the show. Next weeks theme will be "Classic Rock" and will feature a rock band live on stage... don't miss it!

10 August 2005

We'll be updating later tonight, meanwhile have a look at the official forums when you can't wait any longer.

9 August 2005

As mentioned below, read it here.

9 August 2005

As usual, the Ravin' Reviewer will review tonight's episode dubbed "The Standards". For those who haven't seen it yet, one competitor will perform Feelin' Good and will say the first time (s)he saw it, it was performed by Michael Bublé on David Letterman. Since one of our editors is a big time Bublé fan, 's a link to the performance (
realPlayer alert!):
Feelin' Good, performed by Michael Bublé on The Late Show with David Letterman.

8 August 2005

According to on the official Canadian Idol forums, Top-32 Finalist Vince Benenati will be performing live at a charity event in North York, ON. Proceeds are for the at . As far as we know, Top-32 Finalists aren't allowed to perform, perhaps this is an exception because it's for charity. Here's the info:
The Swimming Pool
3200 Dufferin Street, North York, Ontario
(416) 782-7946
When: Aug 19th Time: 8:30pm
Admission: $15.00

3 August 2005

Another results show, and another Top-10 Finalist will bite the dust. It took a massive
Canadian Idol Top-8 Finalist Amber Fleury
Amber Fleury             Photo: CTV Media
2.7 million votes that were cast, but the end result is still the same: one must fall.
The opening group number, an 80s Medley (Run to You, Material Girl, What About Love, The Power of Love and Addicted to Love) was great as usual. But then it was back to business. Western Canadians Josh Palmer (again), Suzi Rawn (eh?! Yes, Suzi!) and Amber Fleury turned out to be the evening's Bottom-3, but Josh (yes, Josh, not Suzi) was sent back to the couches first. Apparently the rockers haven't really been voting! Consider yourselves warned. At the end of the half hour show, Ben revealed Amber received the lowest number of votes. Amber took it like a pro and ended with another rendition of Just Like Jesse James (originally by Cher).

2 August 2005

Ravin' Reviewer's review of tonight's episode, "The Music of the Eighties" is up, read it here.

2 August 2005
When we first saw the footage of the Air France aircraft that overshot the runway at Pearson International in Toronto, we feared for the lives of all those on board. We've learned that, partly to the pilots keeping their cool, all on board are safe. Props to the pilots!

2 August 2005

"Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci is urging Greater Sudbury to support local Canadian Idol hopeful Daryl Brunt, one of eight finalists on the popular talent contest," writes Northern Life. They also reveal Bartolucci is giving away "Daryl is my Canadian Idol" window display placards to residents. Read the article to find out where to pick them up.
Read the full article here.

31 July 2005
Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney ("perpetually upbeat, ultra-tanned") isn't interested in those who believe Canadian Idol is a joke. Instead, he likes to focus on the 2.1 million people who do like and watch the show. Those 2.1 million may have noticed a chance in Ben this season compared to the first two: "He's sticking his neck out a little bit more" says executive producer John Brunton.
Read the full article e.g. .
PS. Who came up with that silly word 'haters' anyway? It's probably someone who can't stand people who disagree with them (because obviously they themselves are right) and have the nerve to actually voice their opinions in the presence of Their Holinesses.

29 July 2005
It's been cancelled last year, but perhaps this year we'll be lucky. has started taking pre-orders on Canadian Idol 3 Compilation CD (no real title known yet) for release on August 23, 2005. You can check it out by clicking here.
More 'Idol' albums can be found here.

27 July 2005
OMG!!!1!one!one1! ASHLEY ELIMINATED!?!

On tonight's results show,
during the opening group performance, everything was still fine
Top 9 Finalists Ashley Leitao eliminated and in shock
Ashley Leitao           Photo: CTV Media
and everybody including the audience was having a great time. Noone saw the dark clouds forming at the horizon. There were a couple of nasty surprises. The first one was to see who was in tonight's Bottom-3: Josh, Melissa and Ashley. Especially Ashley took it hard, as she was shaking all over. The second surprise was when we learned who received the lowest number of the 2.4 million votes that were cast: Ashley Leitao. Our Ravin' Reviewer sent in a plea for people to vote, you can read it here. Make no mistake, the only way you can keep your favourite safe is by voting and getting others to vote as well. CTV doesn't give out any information about vote percentages, but don't assume that your votes don't count on a total of 2.4 million... they do.

27 July 2005
It took a while, but the Top-187 (186) is finally there in all its glory: click here. Note that there are only 186 in the gallery, apparently one Gold Ticket holder didn't make it to Toronto.

27 July 2005
For tonight's review by the Ravin' Reviewer, click here.

26 July 2005
TVtimes Readers' Choice Survey at

The eighth annual TVtimes Readers' Choice Survey is underway. TVtimes has selected several categories and you can pick your favourite in each category. Now what show would be your favourite in "Talent Show" category? Don't tell us, tell them! Click here.
The survey runs until Aug. 5, results will be published on the last weekend in August.
For the TVtimes Readers' Choice Survey Online Ballot, click here.

23 July 2005

"Better late than never": here's all about this year's Top-10.

20 July 2005

There's a big discussion going on CTV's official Canadian Idol forums about Emily Vinette
Top 10 Finalists Melissa O'Neil and Emily Vinette hold hands
Melissa and Emily       Photo: CTV Media
'refusing' to grab Melissa O'Neil's hand when she extended it towards Emily. When you're put on the spot, heart beating like wild, nerves shot, waiting for the result of a "life or death" situation, people react differently. To "prove" that there's nothing bad between Emily and Melissa, see this picture.

20 July 2005

CTV announced today that next week's performance show will be themed "Stevie Wonder".

20 July 2005

There's one thing certain during results shows: one has to go, and tonight it was Emily
Canadian Idol Top-10 Finalist Emily Vinette
Emily Vinette             Photo: CTV Media
Vinette who recieved the lowest number of votes. Based on the Judges'  comments after her rendition of the k.d. lang version of "Crying" last night, it didn't come as a total surprise, but we've seen Canada disagree with the Judges before. That being said, we're convinced we haven't heard the last of Emily (one of our editors had her marked down for the Top-5).

We've found this self-proclaimed (but probably true) "first fan web site for Emily Vinette", click here. It has some interesting and not well-known trivia, so by all means drop by.


Click here for older news.


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