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Last update: February 28, 2005


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13 February 2005
Quick Guide to the 2005 Canadian Idol Auditions
Make sure you're in line at 08:00 am sharp on the first day of auditions, in that case you're practically guaranteed to audition.

After 08:00 am registration begins. It helps if you downloaded and completed a Release Form from CTV's official Canadian Idol website. Remember a parent or legal guardian has to co-sign should you be under the age of majority. Also make sure you're eligible to audition by checking the FAQ and the rules. After registration hopefuls will wait in the so-called Holding Room. At around 10:00 am the producers will address the hopefuls in the Holding Room in preparation of the auditions.

At around 10:30 am the actual auditions commence. The first round is called "Tier One". In groups of 5, hopefuls will sing for producers of the show. Tier One auditions take about 5-10 minutes. Be original. Pick a song that suits you, but don't pick one that the producers have already heard hundreds of times. Emote confidence and determination.
The hopefuls that pass Tier One will receive a Yellow Card. Unlike in soccer, a Yellow Card is a good thing as it will grant you a "Tier Two" audition. Tier Two auditions take about 10-15 minutes; hopefuls audition alone before producers of the show. Hopefuls that pass Tier Two receive a Blue Card, which makes you eligible to audition before the Judges. THe Celebrity Auditions are usually on another location, and this year may even be held in another city! Hopefuls that pass the "Celebrity Auditions" receive the coveted Gold Card, and you will meet the Judges again in Toronto for the "Final 100" heats (presumably somewhere in early May 2005).

Once you receive a Gold Card, make sure your name and picture is kept out of the media. Competitors that are identified in the media risk disqualification!

12 February 2005
2005 Canadian Idol Auditions
This year the Canadian Idol Audition tour is bigger than ever!

Date City Venue
Feb. 11 Vancouver, BC Plaza of Nations
Feb. 16 Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome
Feb. 21 Saskatoon, SK Centennial Auditorium
Feb. 26 Whitehorse, YK Yukon Convention Centre & High Country Inn
Mar. 01 Winnipeg, MB Centennial Concert Hall
Mar. 05 Sudbury, ON Holiday Inn
Mar. 09 London, ON London Convention Centre
Apr. 06 Charlottetown, PEI Confederation Centre for the Performing Arts
Apr. 09 Sydney, NS Sydney Marine Terminal
Apr. 12 St. John's, NL Holiday Inn (McDonald Drive Entrance)
Apr. 15 Moncton, NB Tim Hortons 4-Ice Centre
Apr. 19 Montréal, QC Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Apr. 25 Toronto, ON Metro Toronto Convention Centre

As always: subject to change


25% Discount on Greyhound Canada
The "Fare and a Half" discount applies for Canadian Idol competitors (and their families and friends that wish to accompany competitors) to the following Canadian Idol auditions.

Audition Purchase ticket from From Final return date
Vancouver, BC any Greyhound ticket agent in British Columbia Feb. 7-14 Feb. 17
Calgary, AB any Greyhound ticket agent in Alberta
or BritishColumbia
Feb. 16-19 Feb. 23
Saskatoon, SK any Greyhound ticket agent in Saskatchewan
or Alberta
Feb. 14-23 Feb. 26
Whitehorse, YK any Greyhound ticket agent in the Yukon or British
Feb. 19-26 Mar. 02
Winnipeg, MB any Greyhound or Grey Goose ticket agent in
Manitoba or Ontario
Feb. 22 -
Mar 03
Mar. 06
Sudbury, ON any Greyhound or PMCL ticket agent in Ontario
or Manitoba
Feb. 26 -
Mar. 10
London, ON any Greyhound or PMCL ticket agent in Ontario Mar. 02-11 Mar. 16
Eastern Canada TBA    
Toronto, ON any Greyhound or PMCL ticket agent in Ontario Apr. 18-30 May 05

The special "Fare and a Half" excursion rate means that competitors pay the full one-way fare to the audition city and then only 1/2 the fare for the return trip – an overall savings of 25 per cent. This special is valid only from the competitor's point of origin to the audition city nearest them and return. To receive the discount, each passenger is required to download and complete the certificate for the location to where they wish to travel. Passengers should then present the certificate to any Greyhound Canada agent. Please note the tickets are valid on the routes of the Greyhound Canada only. Also note the final return date for each location.

The official rules for this discount can be read and the required certificates can be downloaded from CTV's official Canadian Idol website, click here.


Producer Quotes
Canadian Idol's producer reads the and sometimes posts as well. Here we keep track of a few interesting quotes. They are all copied unmodified and in its entirety. The questions in white are ours and are for ease of use.

February 09, 2005
What are we looking for?

What are we looking for? The question I get the most. Well we are looking for interesting people. Of course we are looking for great singers but we are also looking for people that can have presence and can command the attention of a room. If you were to meet someone like Shania Twain you would notice that she is not a very tall person but as soon as she comes in the room you notice because she has that certain star power that people are drawn to. So the question is how do I an auditioner bring out that star power? Well the biggest thing is you need to radiate confidence and energy. The day is long and sadly some of the places we hold auditions are not super comfortable but you need to keep your energy up and when you go into that audition room you need to hold your head up high and act like you own the room. Another key is presentation, how are you dressed, how are you expressing yourself. I know we don't all have all the money in the world to have a million outfits but that isn't what we are looking for. We are just looking for people that have taken more than 10 seconds to put themselves together before the audition. Everyone has their own unique style and we embrace that. Another huge thing we are looking for is personality. I have had some great singers audition for me and they are just dead in the personality area. They have nothing to offer. This of course does not mean you all need to be over the top perky but you must be you and let that come through in your audition.
For example Kalan had this shy mystery thing going on, Theresa had the cute prarie girl thing and so on so forth.

At the end of the day when it is all said and done you need to be real and true to yourself because if you advance in this competition then you need to be happy with who you are on camera.

One final thing to note is about song selection. We have been doing this show for the past 2 years and have heard alot of music. The good thing is that everyone that works on this show has a love of music and we of course are more than happy to hear the same old same old but what impresses me most is when someone comes in and sings a song I have not heard in auditions, it just gets us excited. Because of the age range of our competition our competitors don't all have a huge musical knowledge and we don't hold that aggainst anyone but before you come to the audition take some time and look through your parents music collections. Listen to the songs and if there is something in there that is in your musical range have it as an option for the producer in your audition. More often than not if the producer is interested in your voice he or she will ask for another song.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas to think on. See you on the road

Idol Producer

PS. Sorry for the ramble

February 09, 2005
I'm not sure I'm such a good singer; can I go just for the fun of it?

As the producer of the show I totally encourage everyone to come out just for the fun of it. If you are curious to see how it works, want to meet some new people, have a fun time with a great bunch of people then the Canadian Idol Auditions are for you. I agree that when the series moves to the different phases it is about a serious competition but the Regional Audition process is a chance for us as a production team to meet the different people that watch Canadian Idol as well as find talented singers. The one thing that I have noticed in producing this show for the past two (and now third year) is that people come out and audition for so many reasons. One girl auditioned for me last year just to help get over her fear of speaking in public. Everyone in the audition room was very supportive of her and had no issue taking time from their busy day to encourage her in the process. Some people come to the auditions to meet new friends. Where else can you go to hang out with a thousand people of your age, talk about music all for no charge. I know the days are long but the majority of people I talk to from coast to coast have a good time at the auditions no matter how far they make it in the competition. I also know from both seasons the Top 10 and Top 32 (Top 30 in season one) are still in contact with some of the people they spent time in line with. So you never know you could be making friends with the next idol. I wish you all the best as we kick off another great season of Canadian Idol and look forward to seeing you in the audition room. And if you are a bit shy then don't forget to bring a friend to the audition for support and talk them into doing an audition... its alot of fun.

Idol Producer

February 09, 2005
I want to sing a song that's not very well known. Does it hurt my chances?

Don't worry about the producer not knowing the song. All we do sometimes is just sit around and listen to music from all genres and all periods of time.

Yes have a number of selections that you can sing


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