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Last update: August 16th, 2005


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20 July 2005
Canadian Idol is THE program to watch this summer, and BBM's ratings prove it. The "Canadian Hits" episode was watched by over 2.1 million viewers (peaking at 2.2 million viewers).

19 July 2005
For tonight's "Canadian Hits" review, click here.

12 July 2005
Click here for tonight's review or here for other reviews.

12 July 2005
Don't forget to tune in at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, July 13th to see the Wild Cards results show, not the usual time of 8:00pm.

05 July 2005
Our review is up, get it here.

05 July 2005
In a world Idol premiere, Canadian Idol voters will get to pick which competitors will make it to the Wild Card round. In all other Idol shows, including previous seasons of Canadian Idol, the Judges picked the candidates. This time, the Canadian audience will vote after tomorrow's results show. From up to a dozen eliminated Top 32 competitors – who will be picked by the Judges – will contend for the eight Wild Card show spots. Following the announcement of the results of Tuesday night's regular vote, the Wild Card contenders will state their case in a minute or less, live to the nation about why they deserve a second chance to be in the Top 10. Then, Canadians will once again go to the polls for the second vote in two nights to choose the final eight competitors that will compete next Tuesday.
Source: CTV

28 June 2005
Our Ravin' Reviewer sent in her review of tonight's performance show. Get it here.

27 June 2005
We're already halfway through this year's Top-32. Tuesday night 5 girls and 3 guys will perform and try to win your heart (and your VOTES!).

21 June 2005
Now that the second group of 8 performed, we're halfway through the Top 32. Here's what our Ravin' Reviewer thought of tonight's performances.

14 June 2005
Our Ravin' Reviewer lets you know what she thinks of the first group of eight here.

14 June 2005
Tonight we'll see the first Group of Eight perform and the first change to vote! Click here for all the information about the first Group of Eight.

04 June 2005
The CTV official Canadian Idol page at will tell you the number to call! No time? OK, it's 416-332-4385, call and get your tickets to see the Top-32 sing to secure themselves a spot in the Top-10!

03 June 2005
Forgot to watch this week? Not sure if you saw someone holding a Gold Ticket? Tune in Saturday and Sunday for repeats of the 3 Auditions episodes; The first two episodes (Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, St. John‘s, Charlottetown, Sydney, Moncton and Montreal) will be shown on Saturday, June 4 beginning at 4:00pm ET (3:00pm in Atlantic Canada, so check local listings!). The third episode (London, Sudbury and Toronto) will be shown on Sunday, June 5 at 5:00pm ET, all on CTV.

30 May 2005
After a long wait, the day finally arrived we welcome Canadian Idol back on our TV screens and our new competitors into our hearts. Tonight (Monday), Tuesday and Wednesday we will see some of those competitors of 13 venue cities who made it to the celebrity judging round, and some of the 187 that made it to the "Top 100". Tonight's episode will feature the Western auditions in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Whitehorse and Winnipeg. Tomorrow's episode will focus on the Eastern auditions in St. John‘s, Charlottetown, Sydney, Moncton and Montreal. Episode Three (Wednesday, June 1) presents the Central auditions in London, Sudbury and Toronto.

26 May 2005
In events south of the border, Country star Carrie Underwood beat rocker Howard "Bo" Bice for this year's American Idol title. This proves that, at least in the U.S., you can be country and still make the Top-10 and even go on and win the whole thing! Congrats to Carrie fly out from (at least part of) the team.

28 Apr 2005
Ben Mulroney "Finishes the Sentences" in Maclean's
Maclean's magazine has a section called "Finishes the Sentences" where celebrities finish sentences like "In the shower, I often sing..." include F1-driver Jacques Villeneuve, William Shatner and Canadian Idol 1's Jenny Gear. it's Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney who spills his beans. Did you know he models his style after -of all people- P. Diddy?!
Read the full article here.

27 Apr 2005
Toronto Day 2 turnout taps extension
The turnout in Toronto was huge, Metro , so much so that it has led Canadian Idol producers to extend the Tier Two (blue-ticket) round of the audition process into Day 3 today. Over 1,000 hopefuls showed up for the second day of auditions yesterday. "We're down onto our second day and we've already handed out over 100 blue tickets, and we're expecting a lot more," said Scott Henderson, director of programming communications for CTV.
Read the full article here.

26 Apr 2005
Canadian Idol arrives in Toronto... Toronto style!
That's of course hitting it big. Metro "about 1,059 contestants" showed up yesterday on the first day of auditions in Toronto. Zack Werner was on hand to deliver his thoughts: "I think there are a lot less people that are showing up who are completely delusional and there seems to be a lot of kids who … think that they are here to sing well, as opposed to wanting to get their five seconds of being silly on a television show," he said.
Read the full article here.

26 Apr 2005
Montreal Auditions Update
As usual, keeps the statistics for this year's Canadian Idol auditions. In Montréal, 549 contestants showed up for the first round of auditions; 90 received blue tickets, and 26 competitors were handed Gold Tickets (the most Gold Tickets given out in any city so far). Up to and including Montréal, 152 Gold Tickets have been awarded.
Read the full article here.

25 Apr 2005
Toronto deadline extended
Even though over 1,000 hopefuls showed up, the Canadian Idol producers feel they can handle more. The deadline has been extended until 12:00 noon Tuesday, April 26th.

22 Apr 2005
Theresa Sokyrka: "one busy musician"
The StarPhoenix has an interesting article on last year's runner-up, Saskatoon's Theresa Sokyrka. Her debut CD, These Old Charms, will be available nationwide.
Read the full article here.

20 Apr 2005
Moncton Auditions Update
Our stats fans at Metro (that's Sandy Garcia) the details for the Moncton, NB auditions. 414 hopefuls showed up for the first round of auditions. Out of the 414 who auditioned, 81 hopefuls — 23 contestants from advance cities Charlottetown and St. John's and 58 from Moncton — received blue tickets, which allowed them to audition in front of the celebrity judges, Sass Jordan, Farley Flex, Zack Werner and Jake Gold. Gold tickets were handed out to 16 competitors
So far, a total of 126 contestants have received Gold Tickets.
Read the full article here.

20 Apr 2005
Metro's Sandy Garcia audition in London
Metro's Canadian Idol reporter decided to try out for herself. Read all about it here. It's not as easy as it seems!
Read the full article here.

28 Apr 2005
Lack of Updates
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there has been a lack of updates; we apologize for that and will be bringing the latest news, gossip and remotely related information regarding Canadian Idol.

29 March 2005
CTV offers FREE bus rides for Sydney, St. John's, Moncton & Montréal auditions
But you'll have to move fast, since the spots are offered on a first-come first-served basis.
CTV announced today special chartered buses will pick up audition hopefuls at specific locations and take them directly to the site of Canadian Idol auditions in each of the respective cities, at no cost to competitors for the transportation.
Note: you have to pre-register for the bus, if you're a minor you have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (if you're of the age of majority, you can't bring anyone due to limited space). You also need to have 2 pieces of ID (one with recent photo) and a completed Release Form. Please only respond if you're positive you're going as not to tie up a spot. You will be contacted from the Canadian Idol bus team within a day or so of your email request if your seat has been confirmed. Also, should you advance to Celebrity Judging round, you will need to remain in the audition city for an extra day. The Canadian Idol Producers will arrange alternative travel for you to return home, but you will need to bring funds to cover your accommodations and meals.
Click here and here for more important information.
Click here for Sydney, NS (departs: Friday, April 8)
Click here for St. John's, NL (departs: Monday, April 11)
Click here for Moncton, NB (departs: Thursday, April 14)
Click here for Montréal, QC (departs: Wednesday, April 18)

19 March 2005
Simon Fuller sells 19 Management for $210 million
Yes that's Fuller, not errrr... Cowell? Yesterday, Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. (d.b.a. CKX, Inc.) announced that it had purchased control of Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment Ltd., which owns the trademark and co-production rights for the worldwide Pop Idol series, including American Idol and Canadian Idol, Reality TV World reported. As part of the deal, Simon Fuller will enter into a long-term development agreement with CKX. The purchase of 19 Entertainment follows CKX's recent acquisition of a controlling interest in Elvis Presley Enterprises from Lisa Marie Presley. Reality TV World suspects the "refocusing" between CKX and 19 seems likely to produce an "Elvis Week" on American Idol 4.
Read the full article here.

15 March 2005
Zellers Commercial Music
Heard that catchy tune in the 'spring' Zellers commercial? It's a song called "The Littlest Birds" by Vancouver-based band . It's available on their album "Blue Horse"; a lo-fi version and a QuickTime video can be from their site (scroll down). Co-founder , who left the group after Blue Horse, recorded her version on the album "", listen to this version in case you want to choose it as one of your audition songs. You can off her official website, here (it's the 9th song).

14 March 2005
London Auditions: >100 Gold Tickets so far and counting!
Today's Metro on the London auditions. As already reported by the London Free Press earlier, 930 hopefuls showed up for the first round of auditions, 87 contestants who received blue tickets, 74 went to see the Celebrity Judges in London and 16 received gold tickets. 13 will see the Celebrity Judges in Toronto, so there may be gold ticket(s) handed out there as well.
The article further reports 10 gold tickets were handed out in Sudbury. This means so far, a total of 102 contestants made it to the so-called "Final 100" round in Toronto. For Canadian Idol 1 (2003), there were 143. For Canadian Idol 2 (2004), there were 156. Who knows how many there will be this year! 200?
Oh, one more thing. According to the article, "many R&B and soul singers are making it through". Is that a silent threat!? Is that a hint if you don't show up to audition, you'll get bored with sow-ho-ho-hooollll-yeahhhhh-yeahh-woooohohohowwww and aRse'n'Bum? We don't know, but Atlantic Canadians and Torontonians, please do show up to audition!
Read the full article here.

14 March 2005
Jacob Hogarth?
What's up with these days? Do they know something we don't or is it just a simple mistake? Anyway, the article features coverage on "the wacky spandex-wearing rocker from Canadian Idol" Jacob Hoggard's performance during Canadian Music Week. The article sums it up in two sentences: "No slow songs, just pure punk-inspired rock. Hogarth jumped around onstage for a half hour, yelling language that would make the mothers who loved him on Idol squirm."
Read the full article here.

14 March 2005
Kalan's Media Blitz
For the last week or so, articles on Kalan Porter and his tour have been popping up everywhere. Here's a couple that provide an interesting read; click for the article in the , and for the article that appeared in the Calgary Sun (also reprinted in Jam! Showbiz).

11 March 2005
London Auditions Update
After yesterday's avalanche, the London Free Press still has Canadian Idol in its sights. Today the newspaper reports some stats for this year's auditions in London. According to the article, a total of 930 hopefuls tried out in London, 87 advanced to the celebrity judges, 74 will actually get to see them today (the remaining 13 will go to Toronto in April for the celebrity judging round). They also report 7 previous Top-100 competitors tried out again.
The article also zooms in on Jackie Ungar, one of the 13 that will be bussed to Toronto.
Read the full article here.

10 March 2005
More Kalan
After the review in the Winnipeg Sun (see below), Kalan's fans will be more pleased reading Saskatoon StarPhoenix 'preview' article. The same goes for the University of Alberta's Gateway article, .
Also, LTV recently had the opportunity to talk with Kalan, the interview can be seen online.
Read the full StarPhoenix article here.
Read the full UAlberta article here.
For more information on LTV's Spotlight interview click .

10 March 2005
London Auditions
Reports on Canadian Idol's visit to London wasn't limited to one article (see below) in The London Free Press. Today's issue contains articles on Canadian Idol 2's , Canadian Idol 1's Billy Klippert, special correspondent Jon Dore and several London hopefuls.
Read the full article on yesterday's auditions here.
Read the full article on Theresa here;
Read the full article on Billy here;
Read the full article on Jon here;
Read the full article on London's hopefuls here.

10 March 2005
London Auditions Update
According to the London Free Press, over 800 hopefuls ("and counting") showed up for this year's Canadian Idol auditions. We've seen the deadline extended a couple of times this year, but in London "Idol crews say they don't know how they're going to fit all the talent they've found in the London auditions in any one day".
Read the full article here.

10 March 2005
Kalan Porter hits Winnipeg
The Winnipeg Sun Kalan Porter's concert ("driving a crowd of 1,600 pre-teen and teenage girls absolutely delirious") at the Burton Cummings Theatre last night. I guess we all know what direction the review is taking. Said girls "screamed when he picked up his violin bow, went crazy between songs when he waved and looked at them with his puppy-dog eyes." In the confined space the effect of the young vocal cords produced a noise akin to a swarm of hornets and produced a painful buzzing in the eardrums," which makes the Sun suspect Kalan was wearing earplugs, "because the curly haired, blue-eyed pretty boy just kept urging them on."
Read the full article here.

09 March 2005
Calling all Maritimers for Live at 5 Idol
Want to jump the line to at the Canadian Idol auditions in Moncton, NB on April 15th? All you have to do is win the Live at 5 Idol competition and you're good to go! Send a video audition of you singing a song of your choice, a cappella (i.e. without musical accompaniment), approximately 60 seconds in length on VHS tape or DVD. Live at 5 must receive your audition by midnight on March 24th. The grand prize will be a guaranteed audition in front of the Celebrity Judges at the Canadian Idol auditions in Moncton, NB.
NOTE: the Live at 5 Idol will also perform live against four others (no information on where these others come from) on Live at 5 on April 1st for the crown of Maritime Idol. The winner will head to Toronto to see Canadian Idol live!
For more information, click here.

09 March 2005
London Auditions started early
The London Free Press is on the scene of the London Canadian Idol auditions. The first person in line, Katie Moran, arrived at 5:30 am yesterday (this including getting lost driving in). The article also reports on an incident where host Ben Mulroney was almost squeezed into a door by a mob of rushing Idol hopefuls...
Read the full article here.

09 March 2005
Doors open tonight for London Canadian Idol Auditions
Tonight doors at the London Convention Centre will open at 7:30 pm to accommodate indoor line-ups for Canadian Idol auditioners. The London Free Press reports over a thousand hopefuls have RSVP'ed for the London auditions (in number second only to Toronto). Friday's Celebrity Judging round will be held at . The reason the Celebrity Judges round is held at this location is because the production team wanted to find a site offering a view of London's Forks of Thames (where the community began) as a backdrop.
Read the full article here.

08 March 2005
Canadian Idol Auditions Progress Report
As usual, Metro keeps us informed about the progress of this year's Canadian Idol auditions. Metro a total of 309 auditioners showed up, 38 of them received blue tickets (for the Celebrity Judges level). As of 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon, six gold tickets had been awarded.
Metro also reveals in Winnipeg, 20 hopefuls received gold tickets; so far a total of 82 gold tickets have been awarded.
Read the full article here.

07 March 2005
Former Top-10 Finalist Joshua Seller Keeps Up The Good Work
Metro "(Joshua) Seller will be putting his music career on hold to go on a 12-day trip to Cochin, Kerala, in India, where he and a group of 20 to 30 people will be ministering to the needs of the people living there. They leave March 22." Having gained experience in previous missions, Joshua "will be helping with feedings, doing repair work and erecting temporary shelters as well as taking part in other activities."
Joshua has received donations from sponsors, but is still about $1,500.00 short (which is needed by tomorrow). Donations can be made at any TD Canada Trust bank to the Joshua Seller Relief Fund (additional funds will be donated to the Tsunami Aid Fund).
Read the full article here.
Visit or for more information.

06 March 2005
Jake Gold's Road Reports
Wow! What a Gold-mine of information we almost missed. Check in with Canadian Idol Judge Jake Gold for after each audition, courtesy of MIX-96 (CJFM) and Streams of archived reports are in 32 and 64 kbps Media Player format.
Click here.

06 March 2005
Montréal Idol Competition
You can win a guaranteed audition in front of Sass Jordan, Jake Gold, Farley Flex and Zack Werner by entering and 's Montréal Idol contest.
Entries (30 seconds of a song, a capella, without any musical accompaniment) can be sent in between March 7 and March 24, 5:00pm. Organizers will then select 20 semi-finalists who will compete on MIX 96’s Andre and Lisa and the Most Music in the Morning Show at 8:10 am each weekday between March 28 and April 8.
Each morning two of our 20 semi-finalists will sing a song. It’s up to Andre and Lisa to pick one finalist each day. Then, our 10 finalists will each perform a song before an impartial panel of judges at the Pepsi Forum on April 14 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (CFCF is also looking for audience members). The judges will select the top two finalists, each of whom will singing another (different) song. From these two top singers the judges will choose our Montréal Idol winner. The live event will be hosted by CTV’s Christine Long and broadcast live on MIX 96’s The Cat Spencer Show. The Montréal Idol winner will win a guaranteed audition with Canadian Idol TV judges when they come to Montréal on April 19.
For more information and downloads, click (CFCF) or (MIX 96)

05 March 2005
Sudbury Auditions: deadline extended!
Canadian Idol producers announced this morning that they have extended the deadline for auditions in Sudbury. Doors will remain open at the Holiday Inn until 4:00 pm today and re-open tomorrow, Sunday March 6 at 8:00 am and remain open until 12 noon. Producers hope that anyone who was considering attending today's auditions, but who didn't meet this morning's 8:00 am cut-off time, will make the effort to come out.
"We extend this invitation to those competitors who may have been hesitating about auditioning or who were unable to come today," said Supervising Producer Mark Lysakowski. "It's our first visit to the Nickel City, and we want to take as many Sudbury singers as we can back to Toronto for the Top 100."

05 March 2005
Thunder Bay Idol didn't make it
Yesterday's the reported on the 2005 Thunder Bay Idol, Michelle Daigle (22) audition in Winnipeg. Joining Michelle for auditions in front of the celebrity judges at the Fort Garry Hotel were eleven other Northwestern Ontario contestants, including last years Thunder Bay Idol Robert Perrier. Unfortunately for Michelle, she didn't receive a gold ticket (you wouldn't be reading about it if she did).
Read the full article .

04 March 2005
Sudbury Auditions tomorrow!
Doors to the Holiday Inn will open to Canadian Idol hopefuls at 6:00 pm tonight (you have to be in line by 8:00 am on Saturday morning to be seen). 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Producers announced yesterday that Sudbury Transit will provide a free shuttle service from two parking lots close to the Holiday Inn. Parking at the Holiday Inn will be restricted to registered hotel guests only. The shuttle service will ferry hopefuls from Lily Creek Field and Lockerby Composite School to the Holiday Inn from 5:45 - 10:00 pm on Friday, March 4 and from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 5.

04 March 2005
Winnipeg Auditions progress report
Yup, Metro did it again: a fine article on the Winnipeg Canadian Idol auditions. The confirms what the Winnipeg Sun reported earlier: 411 Idol hopefuls showed up for the auditions and 73 contestants received blue tickets to the celebrity judging round. The article further mentions that as of 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon, six gold tickets had been awarded.
As usual, Metro also reports about former competitors showing up for another shot at the title. This time there were a lot, including Barrett Peitsch, Stephanie Champagne, Cheryl Maendel and Danielle Chammartin. From Season 1 (2003), familiar faces included Top-30 Finalists Tara Martel and Mark Devigne.
Read the full article here.

04 March 2005
Shane Wiebe releases debut album "Shane Wiebe"
Today is the announced release date for Shane's debut album "Shane Wiebe". The CD contains 11 tracks and includes two songs Shane sang on Canadian Idol 2: "Forever Young" (Top-32) and "The Way I Feel" (Top-6, Gordon Lightfoot). Shane finished 5th.
Visit Shane's official website , or directly to his store here.

04 March 2005
Site addition: Albums
To celebrate Shane Wiebe's debut album, we're compiling a list of albums, cd-singles and compilation albums released by or featuring former Canadian Idol competitors. To view the list (it's still under construction) click "Albums".

03 March 2005
Jessica Mitchell
Besides Tyler Done (see below), the London Free Press also interviewed former Londoner . Jessica was a Top-32 Finalist on (2004). Though she received the third-highest amount of votes in her group, she didn't make it to the Wild Cards. Today Jessica is a new member of pop rock band Fourstar (previously known as Tennessee). "It's a pretty big deal. It's a serious band," Mitchell says from Toronto, where she now lives. Fourstar, described as "Concrete Blonde meets Fleetwood Mac," plays a Canadian Music Week show Saturday March 5 at The 360 at 12:00 pm.
Read the full article (including her auditioning tips) here.

03 March 2005
Tyler Done's changed life
Former Canadian Idol 1 (2003) Top-30 Finalist and Wild Card Tyler Done was interviewed by the London Free Press. Besides hoping to return to the Western Mustangs men's basketball team, he would also like to pursue music, make a recording and one day hear his songs on the radio.
Read the full article (including his auditioning tips) here.

03 March 2005
Winnipeg Auditions progress report
For those who don't want to wait for Metro, the Winnipeg Sun today some data about the Canadian Idol Winnipeg auditions: 411 hopefuls turned out for preliminary auditions, but 73 singers were invited to perform for celebrity judges today, up from 64 last year when 530 people auditioned. "Winnipeg now has the highest ratio of quality singers to come out," a CTV spokeswoman said yesterday, noting there were more serious contenders and fewer jokers than in the past.
Read the full article here.

02 March 2005
Britney Spears, step aside!
For Brittani Roberts, that is. The is the local Grade 11 student is hoping to sing her way to the top on Canadian Idol. Roberts, born and raised in Chalk River, will be auditioning in Sudbury, March 6th.
Read the full article here.

02 March 2005
Vulcan Idol
No, sub-commander T'Pol (featured above) hasn't started singing to raise more money to save Star Trek: Enterprise. Today's Vulcan Advocate reports on the first yearly Vulcan Idol contest, held on February 22nd. The Recreation Department of the Vulcan Community Health Center in Vulcan, Alberta asked for people to come out and take part. It was a small show this year, only two contestants came out: Izzie Ellis, the hairdresser at the hospital and Stryanna Smith, a 13-year-old from Champion. The judges were thrilled with the contestants and tied them for first place.
Read the full article here.

02 March 2005
Jake and Zack rate Alta. and Sask. Centennial Songs.
Alberta and celebrate their centennials. To mark the event, both provinces have selected an official centennial song, picked from contest entries by their citizens. Luckily two of the Canadian Idol celebrity judges were on hand to comment on these songs by invitation of the Canadian Press (printed in e.g. Macleans, Jam! Showbiz, etc.)
"I'd say it was one big cheese-fest," said Jake. "I wouldn't buy either one and I don't think I would be playing them at home. Personally, I wouldn't recommend people sing them."
Oddly enough, the article observes Zack was a bit kinder: "I think they are both valid pieces of writing and it's nice to see that people bothered to do that sort of thing. It's kind of silly to put it down," he said. "There is nothing wrong with good cheese."
Read the full article or here.
Download and/or view Saskatchewan's song ("Saskatchewan, We Love this Place!"):
Download and/or view Alberta's song ("Alberta"): here


01 March 2005      Off Topic Public Service Announcement 
Space Flight Investors pledge $3,000,000 to TrekUnited
You may have noticed sub-commander T'Pol on this page, and yes, it has nothing to do whatsoever with Canadian Idol. But it has to do with something we feel strongly about: Star Trek. It's current incarnation, "Star Trek: Enterprise" is cancelled by broadcaster UPN at the end of its 4th season. Fans feel so strongly that in addition to letter campaigns, full-page ads, they have resorted to something new: raising money to privately fund Paramount's production of a 5th season. Campaign website TrekUnited announced today "three anonymous contributors have stepped forward with a $3 million pledge toward the campaign". These contributors have been identified only as "Investors in space flight industry".
Read  the announcement .

01 March 2005
Winnipeg Auditions extended!
Canadian Idol producers announced the Winnipeg audition deadline has been extended. The press release states: "With the intent of leaving no singer unturned, Canadian Idol producers announced this morning that they have extended the deadline for auditions in Winnipeg. Doors will remain open at the Centennial Concert Hall until 5 p.m. today and re-open tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2 at 8 a.m. and remain open until 12 noon.
"We extend this invitation to those competitors who may have been hesitating about auditioning or who were unable to come today," said Supervising Producer Mark Lysakowski. "We've had great success in Winnipeg in the past, but we're still looking for Manitoba's first Top 10 competitor. We just want to ensure that we don't miss them."
We dug into our archives. In 2003 for Canadian Idol 1, 3 Manitobans made it into the Top-30: Tara Martel, Marc Devigne and Sherry St. Germain.  Marc made it to the Wild Card round, so did Sherry but she was disqualified. In 2004 for Canadian Idol 2, no Manitobans made it to the Top-32!
Here's an archived copy of our Canadian Idol 2 site. We will bring our site back online soon.

01 March 2005
Auditions progress report
Again comes to the rescue with an excellent story on the Whitehorse, YT auditions. Metro 50 hopefuls auditioned last Saturday. All 50 went straight for a Tier II audition (yellow card), meaning an individual audition with a senior producer (Tier I means a group of 5 audition before producers). See, it does help auditioning at a smaller venue! Whitehorse was an "Advance City"; the three people that received blue tickets are being flown to Winnipeg to appear in front of the Celebrity Judges: Jake Gold, Farley Flex, Sass Jordan and Zack Werner on Thursday.
The story also reveals that in Saskatoon, 15 hopefuls received gold tickets.
Read the full article here.

01 March 2005
Winnipeg auditions today!
"The time has come for all good singers to stand up and warble for their city," the Winnipeg Sun. Not only gold tickets for the "Final 100" round in Toronto are at stake, but also 84 seats on stage (free) and 40 front-row seats ($125) at the Juno Awards gala (April 3rd at the MTS Centre. The Canadian Idol producers are also looking for seat-fillers (meaning when celebrities need to go backstage, you temporarily fill their seat, so you never know who you end up sitting next to).
Read the full article here.

28 February 2005
Montréal and Toronto Audition venues announced
Today CTV just announced the venue information for the final two 'regional' Canadian Idol auditions of this year, Montréal and Toronto.

Montréal, QC (Tuesday, April 19 at 08:00 am)
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
201 Rue Viger Ouest

Toronto, ON (Monday, April 25 at 08:00 am)
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
222 Bremner Boulevard

Note: for Toronto, six days of auditions are planned. In the event of inclement weather, doors to the Convention Centre will open on the evening of April 24 to accommodate an indoor line-up.

26 February 2005
St. John's Audition venue announced
CTV silently added the venue details for the St. John's, NL auditions:

St. John's, NL (Tuesday, April 12 at 08:00 am)
The Holiday Inn (McDonald Drive Entrance)
180 Portugal Cove Road, St. John's, NL

The venue opens the night before the auditions to accomodate in-door line-ups.
This completes the Eastern Canada venues. The only ones that are still to be announced are Montréal, QC (April 19) and Toronto, ON (April 25).

26 February 2005
Thunder Bay Idol getting ready
Thunder Bay's talked to this year's Thunder Bay Idol, Michelle Daigle. By winning the title, she won a guaranteed audition before the Celebrity Judges, Sass, Jake, Farley and Zack. Speaking of Zack, here's a little blurb from the article: "The judges can, of course, “tell it like it is,” including Werner, the token really mean judge and Canada’s version of Simon Cowell. (Werner’s so mean that on the Canadian Idol website at, he’s the only judge not smiling. Even Cowell’s smiling on the American Idol website!)"

Photo: CTV

We hope Zack isn't reading this website... well actually we do, but that's beside the point. Zack isn't "Canada's version of Simon Cowell". Zack is Zack. And if you go to the on the official website, there's a lot of pictures there with Zack smiling.

The article also reveals Michelle only found out about the Thunder Bay Idol competition two days before it took place. The songs she sang included LeAnn Rimes' If You’ve Got Leaving On Your Mind and The Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody. Michelle isn't a noob either: Daigle has been singing since she was nine, and performs here and there with Thunder Bay bands a variety of songs in different genres.

Read the full article .

26 February 2005
Yukon Auditions impress the American press
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review printed a UPI article about today's Canadian Idol auditions in Whitehorse, YT. It doesn't say anything we don't already know, but it's nice to see our neighbours are paying some attention to what's going on up here.
Read the full article here.
Update: the story also made it to (Big News Network).

25 February 2005
Maritimes Auditions venues announced
Today CTV announced the venues for the three Maritimes auditions:

Charlottetown, PE (Wednesday, April 6 at 08:00 am)
Confederation Centre for the Performing Arts
145 Richmond Street

Sydney, NS (Saturday, April 9 at 08:00 am)
Sydney Marine Terminal
74 Esplanade

Moncton, NB (Friday, April 15 at 08:00 am)
Tim Hortons 4-Ice Centre
275 Millennium Boulevard

All venues offer indoor line-ups starting the night before the auditions.
NOTE: Charlottetown and Sydney are so-called "Advance Cities", which means blue ticket holders will be auditioning before the celebrity judges in Moncton on April 17. Transportation and accommodation will be taken care of by the Canadian Idol producers.

24 February 2005
Whitehorse deadline extended to 12 noon, February 26th
CTV announced on the the deadline for the Whitehorse auditions (Saturday, February 26th) has been extended from 08:00 am to 12:00 noon.
Update: the announcement has now also been made on the official Canadian Idol site.

24 February 2005
Canadian Idol Goes to the Yukon
In the old days, the promise of gold drew people to the Yukon. The Canadian Idol producers are looking for a different kind of gold: talent. In a press release, subtitled "Sub-Arctic Search for Canada's Next Singing Superstar hits Whitehorse this Weekend" CTV reminds us of next Saturday's (Feb. 26) Canadian Idol auditions.
With a population of just under 20,000, Whitehorse is the smallest city to ever host auditions for Canadian Idol. The Canadian Idol audition tour will visit 13 cities in total, from Whitehorse (Canada's most Westerly city) to St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada's most Easterly city), covering a distance of over 8,100 kilometres and touching down in every single province of the country. American Idol visited five cities for its current season.
The visit to the extreme Northwest is the realization of Canadian Idol's philosophy to represent as accurately as possible the diverse musical traditions of Canada's many regions.
"Canada is the world's second biggest country, but first when it comes to musical talent," said John Brunton, Executive Producer of the series. "We know we need to be thorough in our search and reach out to this country's remote populations. We are hoping to be blown away in Whitehorse."
Note: to date, a total of 56 "Gold Tickets" to the Canadian Idol quarter-finals round in Toronto in May have been awarded (in Vancouver, Calgary and Saskatoon).

24 February 2005
Producers Seek On-Stage Audience Members for The 2005 JUNO Awards the Winnipeg Canadian Idol auditions (next Tuesday, March 1) CTV announced. Producers for The 2005 JUNO Awards are attending Winnipeg's Canadian Idol auditions next Tuesday with the hope of finding audience members ready to watch the live show from the best seats in the house: on stage. Canadian Idol audition hopefuls will have the exclusive opportunity to become part of the action for the biggest night in Canadian music. Up for grabs are 84 free on-stage spots, 40 front-row tickets as well as the chance to become seat fillers who will mingle among Canadian musical royalty.
Producers are seeking highly energetic and enthusiastic music fans eager to get up, close and personal with the performers, nominees and presenters at The Juno Awards, Canada's Music Awards. Interested fans are encouraged to meet with producers after they audition for Canadian Idol. Producers will only be meeting with those who have auditioned for Canadian Idol.
The 2005 JUNO Awards' innovative set allows for the positioning of 84 people on stage. Producers are also looking for 40 people to sit in the front row and are offering certificates to purchase previously held seats at their $125 face value. Finally, producers are seeking seat-fillers who just may find themselves temporarily sitting beside a Juno Awards nominee or presenter.
The Winnipeg Canadian Idol Auditions start Tuesday, March 1 at the Centennial Concert Hall. You have to be in line at 8:00 am in order to be seen; the venue opens the night before (Feb. 28) for indoor line-ups.
For more information, visit CTV's official Canadian Idol website:

23 February 2005
Anna Cyzon back on e-talk Daily
Fans of , Canadian Idol 2 (2004) Top-32 Finalist, were sad to hear that her contract had expired, but today she was back as a correspondent on today's e-talk Daily. Congratulations, Anna!
Here's a link to her Yahoo! Group.

23 February 2005
"Canadian" Sarah Mather eliminated from American Idol 4 ;c(
Tonight two guys and two girls were eliminated from American Idol 4's Top-24. One of the girls who didn't make it is Wilmington, NC's Sarah Mather, who hails from Montréal, Quebec, spent the first 10 years of her life in Canada, and is in fact still a Canadian.

23 February 2005
Auditions Progress Report
Today's comes to the rescue of the number crunchers. Metro that during Monday and Tuesday, about (?) 468 hopefuls showed up to the first round of auditions in Saskatoon. Celebrity judging began today; 60 contestants are anticipated to audition in front of the Celebrity Judges.
Metro also talked with Mary Sexton, regional producer for Canadian Idol. She says the search team has seen some outstanding talent in Saskatoon: “The diverse culture here produces some unique talent with which we’ve been quite impressed. And I must say, the people here are almost as friendly as the people from Newfoundland,” Sexton says.
One more interesting tidbit: Calgary’s auditions saw 24 hopefuls receive gold tickets from the judges.
Read the full article here.

23 February 2005
Moncton, NB Auditions: Moncton's Tim Horton 4-Ice Centre
Though not yet officially announced by CTV, thanks to 's E-brief everyone now knows they will be held at the Tim Horton 4-Ice Centre: Warren Frizzell, general manager of the 4-Ice Centre confirmed yesterday that the facility would open its doors the night before the auditions so that those would-be idols who want to get an early start can spend the night in the Arena of Champions. "The kids can come in at 6 p.m. and that same evening we have lacrosse being played in the arena, so they can have some entertainment to pass the time," Frizzell said.
The article also reveals that Rink Rat Productions, one of the companies responsible for producing Canadian Idol, expects 600 to 1,000 contestants to try out at the Moncton auditions. You have to be in line on April 16 at 08:00 am.
Read the full article .

23 February 2005
Hoggard is back
Today, Canadian Idol 2 (2004) Top-3 finalist Jacob Hoggard will debut his retooled band Hedley at Surrey's Ozone club, according Surrey Now (reprinted on The retooled version of Hedley features Jacob Hoggard with Tom MacDonald on bass, Chris Crippin on drums and Dave Rosin on guitar. MacDonald has played with the band Flybanger, and all three were members of Everything After, a finalist in CFOX radio's 2004 Seeds contest.
The article also states that in March, Hedley travels to Toronto for an all-important showcase at Canadian Music Week.
Read the full article here.

22 February 2005 exclusive 
Increased chances in Whitehorse and Winnipeg!
A source close to Canadian Idol, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed to us that the number of RSVPs that were received by CTV are around 100 for Whitehorse, YT (Feb. 26) and around 500 for Winnipeg, MB (Mar. 01).
This is an ideal situation for auditioners: smaller line-ups and an increased chance of receiving the blue ticket, which means you'll audition in front of the Celebrity Judges. In other words, auditioning in Whitehorse or Winnipeg may be your fast track to Toronto!

22 February 2005
It's zing, zip and spunk that win contestants a blue ticket
The Canadian Idol auditions in Saskatoon started out great with a concert by Manoah Hartmann and Theresa Sokyrka. Saskatoon's StarPhoenix talked with Manoah: "Since the show's been over, I've performed for numbers of people in bigger forums than this, but it's a little bit nerve-wracking to be involved in the whole process again," said Hartmann, "And I'm nervous for the kids."
The StarPhoenix also talked with Executive Producer John Brunton: "You're not only looking for good singers, you're looking for people that have a certain kind of dynamic as a performer," he said. "On top of that, I try to present a cross-section to the celebrity judges of the experience we have across the country." That cross-section translates to eccentrics, characters with "local flavour" or people with a fascinating story, he said.
The article also reveals that on Monday, about 450 auditioners turned out.
Read the full article here.

21 February 2005
Saskatoon Canadian Idol Auditions Extended!
Canadian Idol producers announced this morning that they have extended the deadline for auditions in Saskatoon until 12:00 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, February 22, and have put out a call for more competitors to show up for auditions. Doors open again tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. The extended deadline will allow Saskatoon singers an additional opportunity to audition for the country's biggest singing competition.
"We extend this invitation to those competitors who may have been hesitating about auditioning or who were unable to come today," said Supervising Producer Mark Lysakowski. "With Theresa Sokyrka coming from Saskatoon, we know there are a lot of talented singers out there. We just want to ensure that they have the opportunity to be seen. We know you are out there; come on down and show us your stuff!"
Last year, three competitors from Saskatchewan made it into the Canadian Idol Top 32 with two competitors advancing to the Top 10: Regina's Manoah Hartmann and the eventual runner-up, Theresa Sokyrka.
Canadian Idol – Saskatoon Auditions
The Centennial Auditorium & Convention Centre – Main Entrance
35 22nd Street East
February 21: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
February 22: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm.

21 February 2005
Thunder Bay Idol 2005: Michelle Daigle
Thunder Bay's Souce reports on the "exciting wrap up to the Thunder Bay Idol competition this weekend". During the competition, 26 finalists where whittled down to 10, then to 5, and in the end, Michelle Daigle (22) from Thunder Bay won the title. Michelle won a guaranteed audition before the national Canadian Idol Celebrity Judges during the Winnipeg auditions.
Read the full article here.

20 February 2005
James Gordon explains
We've asked Mr.. Gordon about the remark we reported on earlier.  He gave us the following statement:

We singer-songwriters are sensitive about how our songs are performed.
After watching the show... I got nervous about the quality of the singers
themselves. I became worried that some of the less proficient contestants
would do a poor interpretation of my song... which would make me look bad!

All writers are flattered when others perform their works... but they can
also be embarrassed by some of those same flattering performances!

We thank Mr.. Gordon for clearing this up!

20 February 2005
James Gordon not pleased with Canadian Idol?
The London Free Press has an article on "Canadian folk music icon James Gordon", who will perform in London tonight. The article points out to an interesting little blurb that James wrote in his July 2004 newsletter (an archived copy of which can be found here):
"My 'Canadian Idol' experience is over, I hope. If you'll remember,
they've used my song "Frobisher Bay" as an audition piece... but perhaps
luckily the song didn't make it onto the broadcast that often."
On the other hand, the fact "Frobisher Bay" was featured on Canadian Idol is prominently promoted on his website.
Read the full article here.

20 February 2005
Mary Yoder jumped the Q by becoming Winnipeg Idol 2005
According to an in today's Winnipeg Sun, Mary jumped to the head of the line in Winnipeg with a victory yesterday over 10 other singers in the "Jump the Q" contest, sponsored by Portage Place Mall, CTV and Q-94 FM. Over 100 hopefuls entered this year's contest. The Winnipeg Idol 2005 now has a guaranteed audition before the Celebrity Judges in Winnipeg. The most amazing thing is she forgot the words to Carol King's "Natural Woman" not once, but twice. It was her recovery from these mistakes that helped convince the judges; judging was done based "on stage presence, vocals and originality".
Other hopefuls need to be in line 08:00 am on March 1 at the Centennial Concert Hall.
Read the full article here.

19 February 2005
Canadian Idol 3 Auditions Progress Report
CTV affiliate station CFCN reported yesterday on the status of Canadian Idol auditions (thanks!). Yesterday (Friday), 92 hopefuls faced the Celebrity Judges in Calgary and 12 Gold Tickets were awarded, but there was another round of auditions before the Celebrity Judges today (no information available yet). The article also reveals a total of 17 Gold Tickets were handed out in Vancouver.
Read the full article here.

19 February 2005      Off Topic Public Service Announcement 
Einstein@Home Launched
This morning, the distributed computing project Einstein@Home was officially launched at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in Washington DC, USA. Einstein@home is a program that uses your computer's idle time to search for spinning neutron stars (also called pulsars) using data from the LIGO and GEO gravitational wave detectors. Einstein@home is a World Year of Physics 2005 project.
For more information click and for how to participate, click here.

19 February 2005
A Good Voice is Not Enough
Both Saskatoon's StarPhoenix and the Calgary Sun (reprinted in Jam! showbiz) report on a comment made by Canadian Idol Executive Producer John Brunton: it's going to take more than a good voice to win this year's title. "Our notion of what an idol is is very broadly defined," he told the Calgary Sun, adding that the judges take into account the singer's ability to connect with the audience. Kalan Porter, last year's Idol, has a great voice but it's his ability to "connect with the eyes of the audience," that won him the title, adds celebrity judge Farley Flex.
Read the full articles here (StarPhoenix) and here (Jam! showbiz).

19 February 2005
A Canadian in America(n Idol)
Yup, there's a Canadian in this year's American Idol 4, the Charlotte Observer reports. One of the 12 female finalists, Sarah Mather is a native of Montréal, Quebec and moved to Charlotte (Wilmington), North Carolina with her family at age 10. She's still a Canadian while getting her U.S. citizenship but feels like she's from here. "I consider myself an American," she says in the article. Ouch. But, we guess, what else was she supposed to say? I'm Canadian and we're gonna take over?
American Idol is carried in Canada by CTV; next Monday Feb. 21st the 12 males will perform, on Tuesday Feb 22nd the 12 females (including Sarah Mather) will perform. On Wednesday Feb. 23rd the chopping block will end the dreams of 2 males and 2 females.
Read the full article here.

18 February 2005
Toya Alexis update
Canadian Idol 1 finalist Toya Alexis's single "Am I Lovin'?" is now available on a promo compilation CD ("to be distributed to music industry decision-makers and record label representatives") put out by Farley's old station Flow 93.5FM. The album, called  , also features Gary Beals' hit single "Summer Nights". Quite the collector's item, we think. Toya's single can also be heard on radio stations across the country and her album "S.O.B. Story" is soon to be released. In addition, PhemPhat website reports she's about to star in a new Vin Diesel movie called "Passafire".

18 February 2005
Calgary Auditions report
Today's Metro has some facts about the Calgary round. According to the , "about 900" showed up for auditions on Friday and Saturday; "about 80" are to be seen today by Sass, Zack, Farley and Jake. Metro also interviewed Mark Lysakowski, supervising producer for Canadian Idol: “There is a tremendous buzz in Calgary. We know that people have travelled from all over Alberta to be here. We’ve also seen more guys here than in other cities, which always happens when we come to Alberta. It’s been a fantastic couple of days,” Lysakowski says.
Read the full article here. (Metro usually has excellent Canadian Idol coverage)

18 February 2005
Shane Wiebe's debut CD track listing announced
The official Shane Wiebe website announced the track listing of his upcoming debut CD, scheduled for release in March. The CD will contain 11 tracks and will include two songs Shane sang on Canadian Idol 2: "Forever Young" (Top-32) and "The Way I Feel" (Top-6, Gordon Lightfoot). The final track is "Trace You (Lost In Your Love)" featuring .
Shane's CD can be pre-ordered from his website ($18 + $5 s&h inside Canada), this will be a limited edition signed copy.
Visit Shane's official website , or directly to his store here.

17 February 2005
Calgary Blue Cards face Celebrity Judges tomorrow
Tomorrow (Friday, February 18th) it's now or never for the blue ticket holders in Calgary when they face Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan and Zack Werner. The Celebrity Judges will decide who will get the Gold Ticket for Toronto or for who the journey will end. Good luck to all!

17 February 2005
Theresa Sokyrka and Manoah Hartmann kick off Saskatoon Auditions
CTV announced today an early-morning concert by last year's Canadian Idol runner-up Theresa Sokyrka and finalist Manoah Hartmann will kick off the Canadian Idol auditions in Saskatoon on Monday, February 21.
Theresa and Manoah will perform at 08:00 am, also the call-time for Canadian Idol hopefuls planning to audition that day. The concert will feature highlights from Theresa's and Manoah's electrifying Top 10 finish in Canadian Idol's second season. Theresa will also perform an original composition and will accompany herself on guitar. The hour-long concert will be hosted by Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney and comedic correspondent Jon Dore.

17 February 2005
Thunder Bay Idol tension mounts
Thunder Bay's Source 26 young people are getting ready for this Saturday's big Thunder Bay Idol finale. The show begins at 7:00 pm at the Community Auditorium; tickets are still available ($10). The winner gets a guaranteed audition before the Canadian Idol Celebrity Judges.
Read the full article here.

17 February 2005
American Idol: Top-24 selected
Yesterday, the "Top-24" was selected by the American Idol Judges. As reported earlier, American Idol is going to something different this year. According to the Fox' official American Idol website, "Over the next three weeks, the guys will perform on Monday and the girls will perform on Tuesday, with the fans voting each night. On Wednesday, two guys and two girls will be sent home until we have 6 guys and 6 girls for our 12 finalists."
We have no information on this year's Canadian Idol format yet.

17 February 2005
Canadian Idol Kalan Porter presents two $10,000 grants
Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter today presented two $10,000 grants on behalf of The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' (CARAS) BAND AID program in support of music education. Students, teachers and principals from Kingston-area schools, Athens District High School (Athens, ON) and South Crosby Public School (Elgin, ON) were on hand today at the Radisson Hotel Kingston Harbour-front for the presentation of the instrument grants.
"Music Education has been a huge part of my life from a very young age. Not only has it given me a love and appreciation for all genres of music, but it’s taught me essential life skills such as discipline, hard work and team building,” said Kalan Porter. “Music Education gives direction, positive reinforcement and focus for youth everywhere and I'm very pleased to support CARAS' BAND AID initiative."
Read the full press release here (.pdf).

17 February 2005      Off Topic Public Service Announcement 
Save Star Trek: Enterprise
As some of our readers may be aware, Star Trek: Enterprise, currently in its 4th season, has been cancelled by UPN (in Canada broadcast by CTV's sister station ASN). Fans are doing something never seen before in the history of television: putting their money where their mouth is at These fans are attempting to privately fund a 5th season and they need your help to raise the $1.6 million per episode needed. If you want to contribute, head over to

16 February 2005
American Idol: Top-24 selected
South of the border, the 4th season of American Idol is about to go full swing with the Top-44 being cut to a Top-24 tonight. This Top-24 is intentionally made up out of 12 male and 12 female contestants. On Vicki Gabereau, Ben Mulroney mentioned a "Top-24" as well. Will Canadian Idol follow their American counterparts example? We asked CTV but so far it remained very quiet... an ominous silence?

16 February 2005
Calgary deadline extended!
Canadian Idol producers announced that they have extended the deadline for auditions until 2:00 pm Thursday, February 17, and have put out a call for more competitors to show up for auditions. Remember to bring two pieces of ID (one must include a recent photo). The Pengrowth Saddledome opens again tomorrow at 08:00 am.
The extended deadline is an attempt by producers to give Calgarians a second chance at the audition process. "We extend this invitation to those competitors who may have been hesitating about auditioning or who were unable to come today," said Supervising Producer Mark Lysakowski. "Our experience over the past two seasons taught us that there are scores of talented singers from Calgary. We just want to ensure that they have the opportunity to be seen. We know you are out there; come on down and show us your stuff!"
Last year, four competitors from Alberta made it into the Canadian Idol Top 32. Medicine Hat's Kalan Porter, the eventual winner, auditioned in Edmonton.

16 February 2005
Because of Idol there are no more stars?
So the Toronto Sun (reprinted in Jam! showbiz) reports nobody watches the awards shows anymore, and prefer to watch reality shows instead. The first possible explanation the article gives is "we're just burnt out on the same stars fetching the same hardware." That's indeed a very good possibility. It's just all the same "for us, by us, starring us". One of the other theories is "All these American and Canadian Idol weenies have watered down the concept of celebrity to the point that there is no distinction to being a star anymore -- and hence no interest." Bzzzzzt. Idol creates new celebrities and shows how they are created, lets the public participate in the process and shows the zillions of "also-rans" (that are not celebrities). The celebrities are 10 people out of 10,000 and the super-star is just one.
So what could be the reason? Maybe people are just tired of hearing the stars talk for however many minutes they're allowed THANKING the whole world and everyone on it. Who cares about that?! I'll just read the list of winners the next day in the newspaper with no loss of information.

16 February 2005
Thunder Bay Idol update
Just as Saskatoon Idol (see below), there's a shortcut to the Celebrity Auditions (this time for Winnipeg): be the winner of . The that 46 hopefuls turned out for the preliminary auditions and the judges selected 26 to move on to the finals. The Final Auditions will be held at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Saturday February 19 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Tickets are still available at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium (all proceeds from ticket sales go towards local charities). The event will be broadcast live on LARRY FM.
announced that "for those of you who can't wait for the live show, and want a sneak peek at this years contestants, we've got a look at this weekends preliminary round."
It will air tonight (Tuesday) on Thunder Bay Television - CTV at 7:30.

16 February 2005
Saskatoon Idol update

Be one of the first to perform for Sass, Farley, Jake and Zack in Saskatoon, SK! How? All you have to do is win Saskatoon Idol. The Saskatoon Idol competition is presented by C95, the Odeon Event Centre and CTV. Registration starts at 08:00 am tomorrow (Wednesday, February 16) and the competition starts at 09:00 am. You have to be there by 02:00 pm at the latest to get in, Judging will be done until 3:00 pm. The rules and the release form are the same as for Canadian Idol.
Saskatoon Idol Judges will be:
Chris Dekker – a musician and songwriter for 25 years and manager of the Communications Branch for the City of Saskatoon;
Shauna Foster – part of Saskatoon’s #1 Morning Team – Rob, Shauna and Rambling Dave on C95;
Teena Monteleone – the CTV Saskatoon News Anchor.

The winner will be announced Thursday morning by Rob, Shauna and Rambling Dave on C95 FM between 7-7:30am.

15 February 2005
“Small Towns, Big Star”

Do you live in the Chatham-Kent area? Great! Chatham This Week reports "Small Towns, Big Star" is holding auditions at the River Rock on Feb. 20 and Feb. 21 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Feb. 22 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Four winners will get an all-expense paid trip to the Canadian Idol auditions in London. Founder Philip Burk, along with two local musicians (TBD) will judge the audition, which is open to anyone 16 to 26. "It’ll be run just like it is on TV," Burk said. "There’ll be no music, and you have to have a song picked before the audition."
Read the full story here.

15 February 2005
Saskatoon Idol

Tomorrow (February 16) at the Odeon Events Centre the search is on for this year's Saskatoon Idol, presented by C-95 and the Odeon Events Centre. Last year's winner? Theresa Sokyrka.
For more information, click .

15 February 2005
Manoah Hartmann resurfaces!

We haven't heard a lot about last year's #9 finisher Manoah Hartmann lately. Rumour has it that she's somewhere in the USA recording a CD. One of the members on the official Canadian Idol forum (Top10Fan) discovered she's performing at the Shirley Bell Theatre on February 26th. The event is presented by Opera Saskatchewan and also includes Theresa Sokyrka. Tickets are from: $46.00 - $66.00.
For more information click .

14 February 2005
See Kaleb Simmonds do his thing!

Boy, last year's Top-10 was a very talented group. Kaleb Simmonds (who finished 7th in last year's competition) will put up a "Hip-Hop showcase" on February 18 & 19 in Sydney, NS. Tickets are just $6.
For more information visit Homiez Productions, .

14 February 2005
Theresa Sokyrka's album "These Old Charms" release date set

Two bits of information from Theresa Sokyrka. Her new Indie album “These Old Charms” will be launched during the week of April 11th, 2005. Theresa writes on her fanclub's website: "It’s got a mixture of great music, which includes some of your Idol favorites, some of my favorite jazz standards, and some of my own songs as well."
Theresa will also be touring Ontario from March 21-30. Click for the latest information.

14 February 2005
Scientific evidence suggests: compete last, finish first

This year's Idols would do good to perform as late in sequence as possible, or so suggests an article in Nature (published online on February 11th). Researcher Bruine de Bruin "found that scores climbed as the competitions went on, with late-appearing singers and skaters getting higher marks on average". We have no information whether any Idol shows were part of her  research.
Read the full article here.

14 February 2005
Ben Mulroney and Jon Dore on "Vicki"

Today Ben and Jon appeared on the Vicki show, showing off some of their antics. For example, Jon supposedly doesn't like Ben but Ben loves Jon. Ben called Jon "one of the most talented people on Canadian television" and Jon was wondering why Ben stole his pants from the dressing room... Jon got upset and walked away from the table and Ben had to go after him to get him back (which didn't work). Vicki herself did the job though. Ben talked a bit about the 13-city Audition tour that visits all Canadian provinces. Perhaps Ben had a little slip of the tongue when he mentioned a "Top-24"!?
You can watch the full interview on the official website: (latest clips).

14 February 2005
Billy Klippert "Vicki"

After Billy sang "Life #9" from his debut album, Vicki had a little chat with the Canadian Idol 1 competitor.  Billy, who moved from Calgary to Toronto, revealed that he is working on a new album.
Vicky went to one of his performances and called it "utterly impressive". In March Billy is going on a national tour (35 dates) with Soul Decision. Billy also confessed that when you're at the Mansion and you miss curfew, you have to pay a fine. Billy thinks he's the most-penalized competitor with about $250 per week (which went to the Salvation Army).
You can watch the full interview on the official website: ( (latest clips) and check out Billy's official website:

14 February 2005
Oh Brother (updated)

Joshua Seller's brother Jonathan is going to try out in Toronto. Previously we reported that Ricky Hoggard is Jacob's brother. Ricky Hoggard (the actor) is actually Jacob's second cousin. He will try out in Sudbury, though. Sorry for the confusion.

14 February 2005
Idol Producer speaks out! Who ARE they looking for?

Wow, now that's a by the Idol Producer on CTV's official Canadian Idol forum! We've blatantly copied the entire post (and a couple of others) on our Auditions section for your convenience; you can read the original post here. You are already a member of the official forum, right?

14 February 2005
Vancouver Auditions: Facts

Today's Metro sheds some light on preliminary results from this year's . It turns out 813 hopefuls tried out, and at least 134 received a Blue Card, making  them eligible for the Celebrity Auditions. On Friday, 5 Gold Cards were handed out (we have no information on how many were actually seen by the Celebrity Judges on Friday so there's no totals there). 71 Hopefuls were seen yesterday and 58 more will be seen today, there's no word on Gold Cards yet.
Read the full article here.

14 February 2005
Mr. E's Flight Delayed

A little bit of trivia from today's Metro: for half of the day Friday, the letter “e” was missing from “Vancouver” which as usual is part of the set. It turns out the "E" was delayed on a plane, but that didn't stop the auditions. We're not sure if somebody got a little creative and just hacked an E together.


14 February 2005
Happy Valentine's Day

...from the staff at!

13 February 2005
Zack at Beat Boot Camp 2005

Want to get into the Canadian Music Biz? You're not alone: "Boot Camp 2005 will introduce aspiring singer songwriters, musicians and producers to a number of key players within the local, national, and international music scene". Boot Camp 2005 features a well-known panellist: none other than... the person by the name of... Zack Werner, who will be part of the managers panel. The event will be held February 17th and 18th at the Tom Lee Music Hall (929 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC). Tickets are on sale through Ticketweb for $10.
For more information click here.

13 February 2005
Celebrity Auditions today!

Today Sass, Zack, Farley and Jake will again be the judge of that. "That" being the quality of this year's Canadian Idol hopefuls in Vancouver. All Judges have returned to normal life (so to speak) since Kalan Porter became Canadian Idol in September 2004. Have they changed or is Sass sweet, Zack mean, Farley cool and Jake reflective? If you don't hold a Blue Card, you'll have to wait till June to find out.

12 February 2005
Vancouver Auditions update

Sources indicate about 800 hopefuls showed up to audition in Vancouver's Place of Nations. At about 8:30 am Shane Wiebe and Elena Juatco performed. On the official Canadian Idol forum, user damnabit reports that Elena sang I'm Just a Girl, Early Morning Rain, I Just Want to Make Love to You and Mary Jane. Shane sang The Way You Feel (damnabit didn't know if that's what it's called), I Believe in a Thing Called Love, and two other songs that he wrote himself. After registration, hopefuls in Vancouver had an opportunity to have their picture taken with Elena and Shane and get their autographs.

It appears that the producers didn't start over numbering from 00001, but continued where they left off last year.

12 February 2005
Canadian Idol 3 Auditions underway: Vancouver

The Canadian Idol 3 season has officially started with this year's audition in Vancouver, British Columbia.

12 February 2005
Welcome to the new site!

We're in the process of updating the site for Canadian Idol 3 (2005), so please bear with us. The older sites can be found shortly by clicking Season 1/2.

12 February 2005
Canadian Idol 1 Finalists up for Juno Awards

Everybody remembers Kalan Porter, Theresa Sokyrka and of course Jacob Hoggard. From the first Season, do you remember Ryan Malcolm, Gary Beals and Audrey de Montigny? All three (that is, their debut albums) have been nominated for a Juno award! Ryan Malcolm's debut album "Home" for Pop Album of the Year, Audrey de Montigny's "Audrey" for Francophone Album of the Year and Gary Beals' "Gary Beals" for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year.
See the Juno Awards site for more information

19 January 2005
Release and FAQ available!

Planning to audition for Canadian Idol 3? Head on over to the official website, and RSVP. Also examine the Rules, FAQ and download and complete a Release Form.

What's new in this year's rules?
In certain audition cities, Competitors may be invited to perform again in front of the Judges in another city as part of the Regional Auditions in that city in order to determine the Competitors from the original city who will advance (if any) to the Final 100 Heats of the Competition. Appropriate transportation and accommodation arrangements (if required) will be organized by the Producer.
The rules have also been modified to read "it is anticipated that" for the Final 32 and up, so there may be some changes there! Stay tuned.



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