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Last update: August 2nd, 2005


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This year we've managed to retain our "Ravin' Reviewer" to review every episode of Canadian Idol 3. Please see TV-Schedule for dates and episode specifics.

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Episode 20: Top-08 Performance "The Music of the Eighties"
Airdate: August 2nd, 2005
Reviewed by: Ravin' Reviewer

I must say I am quite excited by tonight’s list of songs to be performed. I love the 80’s music. I know tonight we are going to get a great show. The songs are upbeat and FUN. I am so over the slow ballads this season. It seems they all pick the slow ones. Come on IDOLS show Canada what your made of! Remember people, vote based on TALENT not where people are from.

01. Amber Fleury
Song: Just Like Jesse James (Cher)
Song: Rating: [*******---]

Thank God she changed her hair and got it straight instead of like on the Tommy Hunter show. Well, this week I am very disappointed in the performance by Amber. I have liked her all through but it seems she is not evolving like I thought she would. That is a great song but I for sure didn’t think she did a great job. It was slow and seemed to have all the same tone to it. For me it was the first time I was bored with Amber’s singing. 7 out of 10 this week.

02. Rex Goudie
Song: Every Breath You Take (The Police)
Rating: [*********-]

I am glad that Rex picked a different kind of song to sing. It shows that he can sing anything and has a bit of diversity. I enjoy watching him sing and the way he puts his whole heart into it. He sings with such passion. I still believe he will be in the final 2 and maybe even win this competition. He looks great, sings great and well is just shall I say GREAT!! 9 out of 10. Jake still has his earplugs in I guess. Sass is right on: Sexy Rexy Rowdy Goudie. You go guy!!

03. Casey LeBlanc
Song: Like A Prayer (Madonna)
Song: Rating: [********--]

I was not looking forward to this tonight as she hasn’t put herself and her voice out there, but I must say she surprised me tonight. Was rocky in a few places but overall I think it was the best she has done so far. She looked great and sang with a lot more passion and was louder then any other time. Wasn’t a winning performance but was good. 8 out of 10 for Casey.

04. Daryl Brunt
Song: Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
Rating: [********--]

Daryl did a much better job this week. It seems he is getting a bit better each week but I still don’t think he has what it takes to be Canadian Idol. He’s cute but is a bit odd to me. Maybe it’s innocence or just a bit phoney. I'm not sure but there is something. I didn’t care much for the song either. I give him a 7 out of 10 because he just bores me to death.

05. Suzi Rawn
Song: Heartbreaker (Pat Benetar)
Rating: [********--]

I am a fan of Suzi but tonight I just didn’t get it like I thought I would. It was a great song choice for her voice and her style of singing but it was lacking something. I think maybe she was nervous or something. I enjoyed it but not as well as other songs she has done. Let’s put this one up to nervousness. 8 out of 10 though.

06. Aaron Walpole
Song: Working For The Weekend (Loverboy)
Rating: [*********-]

What can I say but he was right on target tonight. He has loosened up a lot and seems to play a little with the audience more. I love the little Mohawk he had. I would have liked to see a different t-shirt though. One that was all funky and 80’s style but it was an awesome performance by Aaron. I believe he will be in the Top-3 of the whole show as well with Rex.

07. Josh Palmer
Song: In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
Song: Rating: [*********-]

Well blow me down! I can’t believe I am saying this but Josh was great tonight and if I didn’t have to watch him I would have given him a 10. Really Josh, get a new haircut and new face as in SHAVE. Song was awesome and I loved what you did with it. Kind of what they say “made it your own”. Way to go Josh. 9 out of 10, but shave and get a haircut and maybe you can see a 10 out of 10.

08. Melissa O’Neil
Song: Holding Out For A Hero (Bonnie Tyler)
Song: Rating: [********--]

She is such a sweet girl and seems to enjoy singing a lot. She has fun while on stage and knows how to play the audience but please Melissa get someone who can dress you as you should be. That skirt made you look like a granny. I wouldn’t even wear it and that is saying something. You're so talented and I believe you should be in the final 4 at least. You got it girl, so let keep Melissa in by voting for her.

Top-5 are:
#1. Rex <= to win
#2. Aaron
#3. Josh
#4. Melissa
#5. Suzi

The bottom 3 are:
#6. Casey
#7. Daryl
#8. Amber <= to go, even though I like her singing, she was worst this week.


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