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Last update: August 9th, 2005


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This year we've managed to retain our "Ravin' Reviewer" to review every episode of Canadian Idol 3. Please see TV-Schedule for dates and episode specifics.

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Episode 22: Top-07 Performance "The Standards" (Big Band)
Airdate: August 9th, 2005
Reviewed by: Ravin' Reviewer

I just want to start by saying how Amber will be missed in the Canadian Idol show. I do believe she was the worst in her performance last week but overall was a better performer. Do well in all you go for Amber. You are an amazing talent. Now down to tonights show. We are down to 7 performers and it’s getting hard to see them go as they are all so talented. This week it’s the Big Band era what they call the Standards. Tonight the 20-piece Big Band led by Orin Isaacs (The Canadian Idol Orchestra) returned to the stage, a huge improvement compared to the karaoke-tapes used so far. Enjoy the show.

01. Suzi Rawn
Song: Minnie the Moocher (Cab Calloway)
Song: Rating: [********--]

This is a different type of song for Suzi to be singing and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. She looked awesome and loved the hat. She has such a beautiful smile and it shows in her performance. She just shines when she is singing. Great opening and a hard act to follow. She looks so at ease on stage and that husky voice just makes her stand out. When she sings she looks like she is having a blast.

02. Aaron Walpole
Song: I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (Dean Martin)
Rating: [*********-]

Tonight I was just stunned how much Aaron has grown. That performance was the best I have seen him do so far. He had a great look and moved around on stage and just glowed when he was singing. Nobody could have done a better job on a song tonight. He looked relaxed and just having a good time while he was dancing. I loved his performance tonight. 9 out of 10. Let’s hope Zack isn’t right when he says he was so excellent that it was a bad thing and the people may send him home. Let’s keep Aaron here he deserves to be in the Top-2 finals.

03. Melissa O'Neil
Song: It's De-Lovely (Ella Fitzgerald)
Song: Rating: [********--]

On this one I don’t agree with the judges at all. The voice was good but I thought another song would have been better. I didn’t like the dress and the hair this week. I like when her hair is curly and she dresses like a younger girl. I know it’s the era but I didn’t care for it. I believe Melissa has a big voice and the personality to go with it and I hope Canada keeps her here for a while longer.

04. Josh Palmer
Song: When I Fall In Love (Diane Schurr)
Rating: [********--]

Wow Josh the hair is AWESOME!!!! You actually can see your face now and boy you’re a good looking guy I must say. You looked great and have such a soft and sweet sound to your voice. I liked the way you did the song but I did find it a bit slow. I guess either you love Josh or you don’t. I like him but he’s not the best singer there I believe.

05. Rex Goudie
Song: Feeling Good (Nina Simone, Michael Bublé)
Rating: [*********-]

Here’s a talent that you can’t deny: Sexy Rexy. Tonight I loved the suit and the way he handled himself on the stage. He sings with such ease and just so like he was born to do it. I thought he would have trouble with the big band but this song was great and he put his own little twist to it. Rex is still my pick to win this whole thing. 9 out of 10 .

Note: Canadian crooner can be found online here. [realPlayer alert!]

06. Casey LeBlanc
Song: I Could Write A Book (Dinah Washington)
Rating: [*******---]

Casey looked fantastic this week but alas the voice just wasn’t there like it should be. Throughout it was shaky and somewhat scratchy when she tried to sing the high notes. I totally agree with the judges this week and she really needs to go so as one of the other singers doesn’t leave before their time. Maybe in a few years she will be where she needs to be vocally. 7 out of 10

07. Daryl Brunt
Song: What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
Song: Rating: [******----]

Well there isn’t a lot I can say about this performance except its time you and Casey both are gone home. I do believe the judges were a little harsh with you and could have softened the blow of how bad it was but none the less it was bad. Either you or Casey should go this week if Canada gets it right. 6 out of 10. He totally destroyed that song.


In my opinion, the Bottom-2 are:
#6. Casey
#7. Daryl  <== to go

To Win:
#1. Rex Goudie


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