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Last update: August 16th, 2005


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This year we've managed to retain our "Ravin' Reviewer" to review every episode of Canadian Idol 3. Please see TV-Schedule for dates and episode specifics.

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Episode 24: Top-06 Performance "Classic Rock"
Airdate: August 16th, 2005
Reviewed by: The Substitute

Hi, my call-sign is The Substitute and I'll be your reviewer for this episode, "Classic Rock". Only 6 competitors left and I guess all of them weren't even conceived when the classic rock stars rocked the stages and airwaves of the Americas and Western Europe and the attics and basements of Eastern Europe. Since the Idols will probably have been exposed to this kind of music, it shouldn't be as much of a challenge as The Standards was.

01. Melissa O'Neil
Song: Alone (Heart)
Rating: [********--]

Just as I was thinking what a great song choice Melissa made for her kind of voice, Daddy-o distracted me by pointing out he dyed his hair. It wasn't a whole lot of rock at the start, but as soon as she got to the chorus, one thing was clear: Melissa rocked tonight! Her rendition is almost as good as the original and her 'duet' with the background vocalist is very well done. She's wearing an outfit that matches the song, but are those extensions in her hair?! She isn't moving around a lot on the stage, which would be a rock star-like thing to do, so some points from her for that. Jake thinks she was believable, and I have to concur. Sass is warning (amongst others) Jessica Simpson... not to smart Sass, I happen to know one of the editors likes her (Ashlee is a different story). And Ben alluding she 'smoked' Carrie Underwood? Not quite, Ben. Exaggeration is his job, I guess.
8 points out of 10 for a great job!

02. Rex Goudie
Song: Turn The Page (original: Bob Seger, This version: Metallica)
Rating: [*******---]

If Canadian Idol was an old western, Rex would be one of the Good Guys, as is obvious from his shiny white hat. Regular Ravin' Reviewer likes Rex (clue: the Sexy Rexy Rowdie Goudie stuff you may have become accustomed to reading here), so she might not have been entirely objective, a situation that will of course have to be rectified here. So let's see what's happening. The band is doing a great job with the song, but Rex' voice isn't powerful at all, in fact it's rather subdued. He appears to be doing his best, isn't the mic fully open? His voice should be powerful enough to counter the guitars. Halfway through they appeared to have fixed the problem, but the song isn't all that great. "Stiff as a rock" comments Farley, and he's spot on about that. Rex should concentrate on some stage-moves. Jake says it's all about passion, and a couple of bad notes don't really matter. Well, it's why Rex only gets 7 out of 10 this week.

03. Casey LeBlanc
Song: I'll Stand By You (The Pretenders)
Song: Rating: [******----]

Wow, Casey looks lovely tonight. I'm not sure why she chose this wardrobe, as rockstars aren't supposed to look lovely. They're supposed to look rough. In line with her outfit, she starts the song which sounds more like a ballad than a rock song, she doesn't have the raw voice that is associated with rock. It isn't one of Casey's best or even memorable performances, but the judges don't seem to agree with me. They all think it's her best performance so far. Either they are deaf, or they're running some kind of experiment: we've been terrible to her, and she's still standing. What would happen if we rave about her? Rock seems alien to Casey, so only 6 out of 10. Better luck next week, Casey!

04. Aaron Walpole
Song: Hot Blooded (Foreigner)
Rating: [*********-]

Whoa! That's a great rock song and a great start of his performance by Aaron! It's absolutely clear that Aaron rocks from the moment he set foot on the stage tonight. His energetic appearance and stage moves are consistent with the song. It looks like Aaron has been performing with this band doing this kind of song for years. Just imagine him with a black hat, a longer beard and black shades. Too bad there isn't any chance of encores! The audience absolutely loved it and so did I; 9 out of 10 for Aaron.

05. Suzi Rawn
Song: Piece of my Heart (Janis Joplin)
Rating: [*******---]

I've always thought Suzi was a daughter of , the Half-elven , but I'm sure I am mistaken. Enough of that, Suzi starts out very Rocky (in the good sense of the word). She has that great, powerful song needed for this song (or any Joplin song for that matter) and does a good job of interacting with the band while performing. That being said, she isn't really living up to her own standards and is a little boring at times. Maybe that's because it's such a typical Idol song, the song isn't really as exciting anymore as it once was. 7 out of 10.

06. Josh Palmer
Song: Layla (Derek and the Dominoes)
Rating: [*******---]

Josh did something great and something awful even before he opened his mouth. The great thing is choosing Layla, in the "extended version" (normal version if you consider the 1971 version a "radio edit") one of the best rock songs ever produced. The awful thing is that he went back to his trademark hair style. Well, on to the performance. While the song is great, I'm not impressed with Josh' rendition. He's "stiff as a Rex" (to paraphrase Farley) and vocally he isn't making any kind of impact whatsoever. But get this: he sneaked up behind the guitar player and starts playing the instrument! Smart move on a song that's best known for its guitar riff. That might just have saved his performance. It's hard to make out what the judges are saying, because Josh does most of the talking. Only 7 out of 10 for Josh, he could have rocked tonight but he didn't.

In my opinion, the Bottom-3 are:
#4. Melissa O'Neil
#5. Josh Palmer
#6. Casey LeBlanc  <== to go

To Win:
#1. Rex Goudie


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