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Last update: August 23rd, 2005


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This year we've managed to retain our "Ravin' Reviewer" to review every episode of Canadian Idol 3. Please see TV-Schedule for dates and episode specifics.

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Episode 26: Top-05 Performance "Tribute to Burton Cummings and The Guess Who"
Airdate: August 23rd, 2005
Reviewed by: Ravin' Reviewer

Well I’m back this week and I must say I am surprised Canada that you watched Josh leave last week. I must say I am not one his biggest fan but why is Casey still here? She is a sweet girl but come on folks, it’s her time to go before we lose the better talented Idols. Maybe they are using the same earplugs as the judges do some weeks who knows!
Now we are down to the final 5 so the competition is getting tougher. The Guess Who with Burton Cummings is the theme this week. What a great band! To be able to sing their songs... lucky Idols.

01. Rex Goudie
Song: No Sugar Tonight (Guess Who)
Rating: [********--]

I like this song and it seems like a good choice for him. The start was a little abrupt but as the song went on it was great. He drew in the crowd and played a bit with the song. Wasn’t his best week but overall was good. I like how he sings for the audience and makes them feel like they are part of it. 8 out of 10.

02. Casey LeBlanc
Song: Timeless Love (Burton Cummings)
Rating: [*******---]

This week I will admit that Casey has grown in her voice and her style but I don’t think it’s enough to go on to next week. The voice range just isn’t there. She is weak when it comes to singing low range. She doesn’t have the power to pull out the notes to get that song out so you can hear it. Casey needs to go home this week so that the people that can sing better won’t go before her. It’s really not personal. I think she will do great in a few years but just not right now. 7 out of 10.

03. Suzi Rawn
Song: American Woman (Original: Guess Who; This version: Lenny Kravitz)
Song: Rating: [********--]

Great choice for Suzi this week! It’s kind of rock and I know she will pull it off. I like the different flare she put on it. She apparently did the Lenny Kravitz version. As I haven’t heard it, I don’t know it, so I will say I like the way she sang this song. It was a bit slow in spots but otherwise the vocals were there. She looks good in her clothes and she is having fun which I think a lot of them forget to do. Kick up them legs and have a blast Suzi because you ROCK! 8 out of 10.

04. Melissa O'Neil
Song: My Own Way to Rock (Burton Cummings)
Rating: [********--]

My, my, my… what can I say about that? Melissa was great on the vocal part but the song wasn’t all that. I think she should have sung Stand Tall. That would have showcased her voice so much better. As for the clothes: WHAT IS GOING ON? I have said from the start that she needs someone to dress her and if he has someone now she needs someone new! Zack took the words right out of my mouth. She is star material but get an outfit please. 8 for the vocals and 4 for the outfit.

05. Aaron Walpole
Song: These Eyes (Guess Who)
Rating: [*********-]

Way to go Aaron!!!!! That was totally off the wall. Aaron looked great and held onto that song perfectly. He showed a side of himself that was great. He has the ability to sing just about anything. I believe Aaron will give these people the best show of the year. He’s Idol material for sure and I know I would buy his CD right now. 9 out of 10.

In my opinion, the Top-3 are:
#1. Aaron Walpole
#2. Rex Goudie
#3. Melissa O’Neil

Bottom 2
#4. Suzi Rawn
#5. Casey LeBlanc <= to go


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